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Smash.gg Tournament Features


Smash.gg handles the heavy lifting when it comes to setting up and running a tournament, and does it all for free
Allow users to register with their existing smash.gg account. Specify venue fees, event limits, and more.
Use our seed generator to make sure players are placed correctly in bracket.
Bracketing and Reporting
Automatically set up brackets for registered and seeded players and then easily report results.


Smash.gg makes it easy for TOs and players to sustainably run and attend tournaments
Sell t-shirts, hoodies, posters, and more through a shop on your tournament page.
Donation Drives
Enlist your community to help fund things like player flights, new events, and exhibition matches.

Event Formats

Whether you’re hosting a 20-person local or a 1500+ supermajor, Smash.gg can run it
We support a wide range of games and are constantly adding more. Reach out for more info if your game isn’t listed.
Want a round robin to feed into a double elim bracket? No problem. Smash.gg makes setting up progressions easy.
Smash.gg makes it trivial to set up, run, moderate, and report online tournaments.

Community Engagement

Smash.gg offers extra tournament features to help improve the player and viewer experiences
Set up a fantasy bracket for your tournament.
Stream Tools
Players can bring their own streams and Smash.gg links them to the bracket so viewers will never miss a game.

World-Class Support

Smash.gg prides itself on its timely, friendly, and helpful support team
Need help configuring a bracket? Have questions about a specific game? Want to set up a donation drive? We’re happy to help. Just reach out to support@smash.gg.