Windjammers Flying Power League Season 2
Windjammers Flying Power League Season 2

Windjammers Flying Power League Season 2 is kicking off now!

Windjammers Flying Power League community circuit is coming back for a second season on PlayStation 4 and tossing for the first time ever on Nintendo Switch!

Jam to Victory!

Windjammers Flying Power League (WJFPL) is an international community circuit connecting all Esports events that host Windjammers on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Sign up for WJFPL tournaments, defeat your friends or foes, earn points and jam to the victory to become the top-ranked jammer in the world!

Join WJFPL as a TO

You’re a Tournament Organizer and you’re pumped for running a Windjammers Flying Power League tournament at your event? Apply for the league by following the steps detailed below:

Step 1 : Make sure your Windjammers tournament is live on the page of your event on smash.gg

Step 2: Once your tournament is approved by Smash.gg, get registration up, and look for the Event Request Opt-in flow in the Admin sidebar under: Tournament Settings > Event Setup

Step 3: We will approve your Event Request and assign the corresponding WJFPL Tier in accordance with tournament entrants.

● You're interested in putting up a Windjammers SS Tier tournament? Wicked. Let's get in touch! loic@dotemu.com

Official WJ tournament rules

Windjammers Flying Power League tournaments shall follow the rules mentioned below.

● Single Tournament

● FT2 [First to 2] / BO3 [Best of 3]

● Double Elimination Brackets

● 99sec, 12 points, 2 rounds

● Players shall pick random stage for the first game

● The loser can counter pick character and stage

● There shall be no character counter pick for the winner

● There are no game-breaking bugs in Windjammers, but one from the original version may break a round: points will score automatically until the round is over (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oOi9-SgAiA). This bug is extremely rare and chances to encounter it are low. If this bug happens during the tournament, the round only (and not the match) shall be replayed.

● In the case of Sudden Death, players shall go back to the map which they drew on, and the first player to score takes the game.

WJFPL Event Tiers

Top 8 Awarded Points

SS Tier: Major Supported Events 800/400/300/200/100/100/50/50

S Tier: 65+ players 400/200/150/100/50/50/25/25

A Tier: 49 - 64 players 240/120/90/60/30/30/15/15

B Tier: 33 - 48 players 80/40/30/20/10/10/5/5

C Tier: 16 - 32 players 50/20/12/6/4/4/2/2

D Tier: 8 - 15 players

Tune in for the jam!

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