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Andromeda Pot Bonus
Raise a pot bonus for [Andromeda](https://smash.gg/tournament/andromed...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
$50 Pot Bonus
Increase the prize pot for the league by $50 and help contribute money...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
Great American Runback May: Hungrybox from Florida
The #1 Player in Florida (and the world)
6/15 Reward levels cleared
Team Japan
Bring Raito, Shuton, Abadango, and kameme to Hyrule Saga! Clearing thi...
25/46 Reward levels cleared
Bring Trif to Omega II
Help bring the Real Madrid out to compete!
0/4 Reward levels cleared
Rivals of Aether Pot Bonus
Help contribute to the Rivals of Aether Singles Pot!
Help 2GG support players from all around the world!
Donate to Seattle Children's Hospital
Donate more than just your venue fee!
Shop closed 5/10/2018
Neil Eats Gross Food from the Asian Market
Neil is willing to take one for the team-- if this goal gets funded, h...
0/4 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 5/8/2018
Doubles Pot Bonus
7/8 Reward levels cleared
Vinnie comes to Port Priority 3!
A top New York Sheik, help Vinnie return to the PNW to compete at Port...
4/6 Reward levels cleared
Regionals: Secure a Venue for the Next Immortal Tech
Help us lock down a venue for the next installment of CR's newest (and...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 4/24/2018
Bring Locus to Flatiron 3!
2/5 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 4/24/2018
Bring this Shulk to SwitchFest from Florida!
8/8 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 4/16/2018
Regional Crews Prize Pool
Prize pool for regional crews (5 v 5)!
0/6 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 4/9/2018
Help fly out Junebug to Anchor Down Smash 7!
0/2 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 4/8/2018
Allow friendlies
We at Pitt Smash are dedicated to providing the community with grassro...
2/6 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 4/2/2018
Flowers bloom, eggs hatch. Bring VGBC's very own aMSa to leave us all...
3/4 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 4/2/2018
Pot Bonus
Add to a pre-existing $500 Pot Bonus!
Support Future RPI Smash Events
All excess money raised goes directly toward funding future RPI Smash...
Shop closed 3/26/2018
Pot Bonus
Raise the stakes-- contribute to the Pot Bonus and help Smash the Stig...
Shop closed 3/20/2018
Bring Mang0 to his own event since he isn't even registered yet! SUB G...
Shop closed 3/16/2018
Bring in some pizza to Earle Invitational 3!
It ain't easy being cheesy-- we need your help! Donations will go to s...
Shop closed 3/12/2018
North Carolina Car Pool
Support the North Carolina car pool and help them get to Keystoned II!...
2/5 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 3/12/2018
Season 2 Finale Production
Contribute to lodging, travel, food and other production costs for the...

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