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$50 Pot Bonus
Increase the prize pot for the league by $50 and help contribute money...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
Bring this Sheik to Hyrule Saga from Spain! Note: This goal is for MVL...
10/32 Reward levels cleared
Vinnie comes to Port Priority 3!
A top New York Sheik, help Vinnie return to the PNW to compete at Port...
0/6 Reward levels cleared
Regionals: Secure a Venue for the Next Immortal Tech
Help us lock down a venue for the next installment of CR's newest (and...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
You're inZain if you don't wanna see this Marth at Flatiron!
2/8 Reward levels cleared
Help fly out Junebug to Anchor Down Smash 7!
0/2 Reward levels cleared
Regional Crews Prize Pool
Prize pool for regional crews (5 v 5)!
0/6 Reward levels cleared
Allow friendlies
We at Pitt Smash are dedicated to providing the community with grassro...
2/6 Reward levels cleared
Pot Bonus
Add to a pre-existing $500 Pot Bonus!
Support Future RPI Smash Events
All excess money raised goes directly toward funding future RPI Smash...
Pot Bonus
Raise the stakes-- contribute to the Pot Bonus and help Smash the Stig...
Shop closed 3/20/2018
Bring Mang0 to his own event since he isn't even registered yet! SUB G...
Shop closed 3/16/2018
Bring in some pizza to Earle Invitational 3!
It ain't easy being cheesy-- we need your help! Donations will go to s...
Shop closed 3/12/2018
North Carolina Car Pool
Support the North Carolina car pool and help them get to Keystoned II!...
2/5 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 3/12/2018
Season 2 Finale Production
Contribute to lodging, travel, food and other production costs for the...
Shop closed 3/5/2018
Elegant returns to Texas for NFA 2!
0/4 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 3/4/2018
Pot Bonus
Contributions to this goal will go directly to the BotBash Cup prize p...
Shop closed 2/19/2018
Bring Craftis to Smash Valley VII!
Craftis spins his way to Smash Valley!
0/5 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 2/13/2018
Bring TLTC to Frostbite! With placements like 17th at Greninja Saga, 2...
15/16 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 2/12/2018
We'll film and produce a Gold Rush 2 aftermovie!
3/5 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 1/24/2018
Stream Equipment
Help us raise funds to get better streaming equipment, starting with t...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
RCS Finals
Contribute to the prize pool for the RCS Season 2 Finals!
Shop closed 1/8/2018
Falln (SoCal - Smash for Wii U)
Falln, ranked #28 on the PGRv3 and #3 in SoCal, sets his Rosalina's ga...
16/16 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 12/19/2017
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Help get Overclocked operating at maximum voltage with your donations!

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