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Andromeda Pot Bonus
Raise a pot bonus for [Andromeda](https://smash.gg/tournament/andromed...
2/2 Reward levels cleared
GG7 (China/Melee)
Help the best player in China compete against the best in the Pacific...
3/11 Reward levels cleared
Incoming Camper: Rongunshu
Bring the Lucario and Marth main [Rongunshu](https://twitter.com/Rongu...
1/6 Reward levels cleared
Increase the Doubles Cap to 96 Teams
Missed your chance to enter for teams? If this goal is completed, the...
0/2 Reward levels cleared
Pokeaim vs. blunder
Joey aka "Pokeaim" will take on blunder in a Sun/Moon OU, best of 5 ma...
1/2 Reward levels cleared
Larry Lurr Makes Moves!
[Larry Lurr](https://twitter.com/LarryLurr), the master of space anima...
4/10 Reward levels cleared
KEN joins the battle!
We gotta go fast if you want to help bring this [Sonic main from Japan...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
Sumāto VS RoeBro TO Money Match
Bringing you the first ever SmVshTube Invitational event, watch TOs Su...
0/2 Reward levels cleared
Commentator Cosplay
Top 8 commentators will wear a yellow track jacket just like Uma Thurm...
0/2 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 11/27/2018
Rising Squid LAN Finale: Venue Fund
If you registered for the finale (you should!), your venue fee helps u...
1/4 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 11/21/2018
Stream Until Midnight - Off the Sticks: Summit Edition
Smash’s hottest news show featuring Ludwig and Slime gets a special Su...
10/10 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 11/14/2018
Felix comes home!
One of the PNW's first major players, help this Diddy Kong fly home fr...
1/3 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 11/13/2018
Ban Mew2King
Get Mang0 to re-ban M2K from his chat!
10/13 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 11/6/2018
Get Glutonny to GT-X!
Help get this international French Wario player out to GT-X to compete...
1/10 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 10/23/2018
T.O.: Rhylam Wolfe (OH)
Contribute to bring out the Head Columbus Ohio T.O. to Heat Wave 2! Rh...
8/8 Reward levels cleared
Bring Hackoru to Texas with special guests for Super Smash Fight Club...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
Production Boost for The Script Episodes
Liked what you saw in Episode 1? Help us give future episodes some gas...
1/2 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 10/9/2018
Support Additional Four-Port Arduinos
They'll be debuting at TBH8 but once produced they can be used for fut...
1/2 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 10/2/2018
EC vs EU
EC takes on Europe in a 6v6 crew battle! **This goal activates after T...
3/6 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 10/1/2018
Luigi Boss - TGZ | Freean!
Help get Freean, one of the last true Luigi mains, to head the Luigi c...
1/6 Reward levels cleared
Prize Pool
Prize money to be awarded to the top 3 teams in each division.
0/1 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 9/24/2018
SFV Prize Pool
Grow the prize pool for SFV players!
0/4 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 9/18/2018
Bring this G&W from Japan to SCR!
12/12 Reward levels cleared
Bring Captain Smuckers to Unrivaled XI
Let's feel the Smuck in Florida -- bring the hype Tristate Falcon main...
1/3 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 9/11/2018
Joining the Battle: Blank
3rd place finisher at The Even Bigger Balc, SoCal's most dangerous Zer...
2/2 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 8/21/2018
Shine Con Production
Show your support for the first ever Shine Con, and help equip us with...
0/3 Reward levels cleared

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