Bad Moon Rising 2
Bad Moon Rising 2
July 1st, 2017Winston-Salem, NC

DASH dede

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How many games will be played in Melee Grand Finals, including resets?
Correct answer: 3
Will there be a 4 stock in Melee Top 8?
Correct answer: no
How many unique characters will there be in Melee Top 8?
Correct answer: 5
How many games in Melee Top 8 will be played on Battlefield?
Correct answer: 8
How many times will you be able to hear a full-on stack it up cheer in the crowd during teams?
Correct answer: 10+
How many games will the tournament champion drop in top 16?
Correct answer: 1

Score: 3550 points

Team score: 3450
Bonus points: 100