Body Count Fighting 5 (BCF5)
Body Count Fighting 5 (BCF5)
April 7, 20181121 Chestnut St, Burbank, CA 91506, USA

Team EkC

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Who will win between Dekillsage vs Perfect Legend?
Correct answer: Dekillsage
Who will win between Chris Tatarian vs SMUG?
Correct answer: SMUG
Who will win between Joey Fury vs Jackie Tran?
Correct answer: Joey Fury
Will there be any perfects in the Title Fights?
Correct answer: yes
Will there be any perfects in the Feature Fights?
Correct answer: no
How many unique characters be used throughout all of BCF5?
Correct answer: 31
Will someone win a newly released DLC character?
Correct answer: no

Score: 2725 points

Team score: 2200
Bonus points: 525