Brass Tactics Community Tournament #2
Brass Tactics Community Tournament #2
April 14th-15th 2018Online

Hello, welcome to Brass Tactics community tournament #2! The tournament will be coordinated from the community tournament discord. Please join and post your Oculus ID in the Brass Tactics section under the community tournaments category to be added to the notifications list. Discord - https://discord.gg/reYmAHh

Check in will start on the discord server at 11:45 PDT / 14:45 EDT / 20:45 CEST. A message will be broadcast when check in has started. Players will have 15 minutes to check in. Brackets will be put up 2 to 10 minutes after check in closes. Players will have 30 minutes to start first round. After first round, players will have 15 minutes to start their matches once they are live.

If a player would like to drop out, please request to be removed from the tournament in the Brass Tactics section of the community tournament discord. Once a player is dropped, they cannot be re-added.

Swiss style with a maximum of 4 rounds and a cut to top 2, 4, or 8 based on number of participants. Best of 3 games. Higher seed gets first choice of host or map pick. Loser of previous game gets choice of host or map pick after game 1. Players may not choose a map they have previously won on during that round.

As the higher seed, please remember to request a connection test before playing. Connection tests are to be performed on Timberlands. Both players are to mass only warriors for the first 4 minutes then fight. There is currently no way to get around the lag/desync issue. Developers and Oculus are hard at work finding a solution, but until then we will have to play through it.

Winner will be given a unique name color on my discord and possibly HPEs. Winner will have a choice between DG2 and Witchblood game key. For every 10 sign ups, there will be a raffle after the event where all players that competed in at least 3 of the Swiss rounds except the winner will be entered for a chance to win a DG2 or Witchblood game key. Brass Tactics official developer discord - https://discord.gg/nRbGUKc

  • April 14th-15th 2018
  • NJ
  • Brass Tactics Community Tournament #2
  • 16 Attendees


    Oculallen - Team Oculbots
    16 attendees



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    Please join the community tournament discord - https://discord.gg/reYmAHh

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