Canada Cup 2018
Canada Cup 2018
October 26th-29th 2018Toronto, ON
Registration closes 10/23/18

Canada Cup 2018 is gearing up for another record breaking year! Over $50,000 CAD up for competing over.

Thanks to everyone’s continued support Canada Cup 2017 was our biggest year yet, and we’re only looking to build on that.

We’ve upgraded our venue to the Metro Toronto convention centre. This means more dedicated space for all players and spectators. Partnered with EGLX and over 100,000 sqft in space. All Canada Cup ticket holders will have weekend access to EGLX.

$15,000 USD POT BONUSES FOR SFV CANADA CUP 2018 is a Capcom Pro Tour PREMIERE Event We are very proud to continue to work with the Capcom Pro Tour as one of their 2017 Premiere tournaments. Full details on the Capcom Pro Tour can be found HERE

CROWD FUNDING FOR SFV 5 V 5 TEAMS In 2016 we raised $8800 USD! Lets break this record this year.

We're proud to be sponsored by Capcom and Twitch this year.

For rules and other information, please check out the Canada Cup Website


To be released Oct 21st 2018

Metro Toronto Convention Centre Downtown Toronto

Please book your rooms early as we ran out of room in 2017.

Hotel Marriot 24/hr ball room Special rate $199 night downtown One, Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J4


Book within our special discounted block to enjoy following perks:

Travel : Air Canada

Enter promotion code 6RNNCDC1 at www.AirCanada.com in the Promotion Code field to save up to 25% depending on fare class and city of origin.

Car Rental: Hertz

We are proud to establish a special car rental discount with Hertz Rent-a-Car with assistance of Andormeda Consultants. Simply go to http://www.hertz.com/rentacar/handlers/SpecialOffersHandler?CDP=1757580 and enter discount code 1757580 in the Discount/CDP/Club Code field to save up to 45% depending on vehicle class. This discount will work anywhere in North America.

Player Registration Costs

$45 Super early bird registration, ends May 31st 2018

$55 Early bird registration, ends June 30th 2018

$65 Pre registration, ends Sept 30th 2018

$75 Late registration, ends Oct 22nd 2018

$100 Emergency onsite registration, ends 7pm Oct 26th 2018. Subject to availabity*

Spectator Registration Costs Spectator passes cover all 3 days of the event, no single day passes will be sold. Spectator passes will be available for purchase at the event.

$35 Early spectator pass, ends June 30th 2018

$65 Spectator pass, ends Sept 30th 2018

GAMES SFV (PS4) +$15k USD bonus Capcom

3rd Strike (PS4) + $7k USD bonus Capcom

DBFZ (PS4) **+ TBD Pot bonus

Tekken 7 (PS4) +$1,000 USD Tekken world cup

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle (PS4) + TBD Pot bonus

Marvel Infinite (Ps4)+ TBD Pot bonus

UMvC3 (Ps4) **+ TBD Pot bonus)

USF4 (Ps4) + TBD Pot bonus

Guilty Gear Xrd R2(Ps4) + TBD Pot bonus

Injustice 2 (Ps4) + TBD Pot bonus

Super Turbo 2 Tournament of Legends (arcade) + Matcherino Crowd funding

Super Smash bros Melee + $10000 CAD Pot Bonus ($5k singles, $2k 2v2, $3k 5v5 city vs city)

Super Smash bros WiiU + $10000 CAD Bonus ($5k singles, $2k 2v2, $3k 5v5 city vs city)

BlazBlue: Central Fiction (Ps4) ** + TBD Pot Bonus**

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [st] (Ps4) + TBD Pot Bonus

Soul Calibur VI (Ps4) +TBD Pot Bonus

Sailor Moon S (SNES)+ TBD Pot Bonus

Pokkén Tournament DX (Switch)+ TBD Pot Bonus

Hearth Stone TBD

Addition Games TBD Deadline June 30th 2018 If you would like your game to be apart of our tournament and you can gather over 32 people. Email us at info@canada-cup.ca

  • $500 pot bonuses CDN for every 50 people registered (for games without pot bonuses only)_

Streams All streams will be on the following Twitch.TV Channels -






CANADA CUP AFTER PARTY Raiders Esports Bar Sunday 9pm

Vendor/Sponsor Info Tables are available in our vendor area! If you're interested, please email us at info@canada-cup.ca

  • October 26th-29th 2018
  • ON (Canada)
  • Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle (PS4) **+ TBD Pot bonus**, Tekken 7 SIngles - **$1000 USD Pot Bonus TEKKEN WORLD TOUR**, Pokkén Tournament DX, Injustice 2 Singles **+ TBD Pot bonus**



    255 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6, Canada


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