CS:GO Open #3 Presented by Game Arena
CS:GO Open #3 Presented by Game Arena
January 19, 20193570 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, OH 43026, USA


Game Arena's Counter Strike Global Offensive Tournament is a 5v5 event for both competitive and casual players where everyone has a chance to win cash prizes! Competitors will participate in a series of matches until only one team remains. We are capping this event at 8 Teams, so be sure to register!


Game Arena is an esports facility and gaming center located in Hilliard, OH. With 60+ computers, the latest consoles, the most comfortable gaming chairs, great food, and the latest games... what else could you ask for? Game Arena's #1 goal is to create the ultimate social gaming experience for every type of gamer!


  • Pre-registration is REQUIRED to participate in this event.
  • You may enter as an organized team or you may feel free to ask another incomplete group to join.
  • We will be capping the event at 8 teams due to time constraints.
  • Check out our Discord channel and find a group in #csgo-open-lfg (https://discord.gg/gPfdXTm)
  • All equipment is provided, but you are welcome to bring peripherals (mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset, etc).
  • If you are bringing a USB, we will be checking them at the door.
  • See the RULES section for more information at the bottom of the page.


  • Check-in: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Pool Play Begins: 11:15 AM
  • 30 Min Break after Pools: 2:00 PM
  • Semi-Finals: 2:30 PM
  • 30 Min Break after Semi-Finals: 5:00 PM
  • Finals: 5:30 PM


  • Event Fee: $20/person ($100 Teams)
  • Venue Fee: $10

Please refer to the "Rules" section for prize and rule information.





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January 19th 2019

CS:GO 5v5

TeamsCounter Strike: Global Offensive
D Buckley
earnest evans
Branden Bean
Owen Richardson
Roman Tochenov
AU Esports.holo
Travis Yang
Daniel Heck
Josh Clemson
Mike Mason
Hamza Innoxent
Caden Layne
Matt Chilinski



Game Arena
3570 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, OH 43026, USA


Contact Info

(614) 808-3434
Tournament Admins
Danny Radomski
Zach Gay
Kyler Curtis
undefinedGame Arena
Game Arena
Garrett Fields



  • 8 team Capped Event
  • Pools in to Top 4
  • Pools are Best of 1
  • Top 4 and Finals are B.o.3
  • Pay out to Top 2 (70/30)
  • Estimated time for completion 10-12 hours
  • 3-4 games at once
  • Cost is $150 per team (30 a person)
  • The split will be 100 prizing and 50 venue

The Winner will Avoid qualifiers and Auto Qualify for Big Tournament at End of 2019, Team will still pay for tournament, but have a spot in the final tournament.

Roster Rules:

Teams can be combined of 5 to 7 players per team. Subs will only occur in between matches and an official needs to know if a sub is being used. Fees must be paid in order to compete in the tournament or your team will be disqualified.

Maps: (Valve official versions of the maps in the Active Duty Map Group)

  1. De_cache
  2. De_inferno
  3. De_dust2
  4. De_nuke
  5. De_mirage
  6. De_train
  7. De_overpass


For all Best of One (Bo1) matches a. The team that is higher on the bracket is Team A and Team B is the lower team b. Team A bans 1 map c. Team B bans 1 map d. Team A bans 1 map e. Team B bans 1 map f. Team A bans 1 map g. Team B bans 1 map h. Knife round at beginning of map to determine which side to start

For Finals Best of Three (Bo3) match a. The team from winners is Team A and the team from losers is Team B b. Team A bans 1 map c. Team B bans 1 map d. Team A picks the map for game 1 and Team B has side choice e. Team B picks the map for game 2 and Team A has side choice f. Team B bans 1 map g. Team A picks the third map and Team B has side choice


  1. Round-time = 1:55 minutes
  2. Freeze-time = 20 seconds
  3. Buy-time = 20 seconds
  4. C4 timer = 40 seconds
  5. Overtime Money = $10,000
  6. Overtime Rounds = 3 rounds per half

Game Play:

Each game will consist of two (2) 15-round halves. A game will end if a Team reaches 16-round wins in the second half. If the score of a game is tied after 30 rounds, overtime will be played. Overtime consists of two (2) three-round halves. Players will start each overtime half with $10,000. A game will end if a Team reaches four-round wins in the same overtime. If the score of overtime is tied after six rounds, another overtime will be played.

Players and coaches may not look at an opposing player’s monitor or projected screen during a game.

No Pixel walking or Clipping will be permitted. If a player is using or has this, the result may include up to disqualification.

The bomb may not be planted in a location where it cannot be defused, in a location where it is not touching a solid object, or in a location where it is not making the normal “beeping” noise.

Players, coaches and team representatives may not intentionally manipulate a teammate’s mouse or keyboard during a game.

Teams are allowed two (2) thirty (30) second timeouts per map. Only one timeout per round is allowed

Teams are allowed to call technical timeouts if their equipment is malfunctioning but are forbidden to talk during those timeouts other than to the Game Arena Staff

If a Player or staff member loses their connection to the server during the first minute of the game, no kills have been registered, and the bomb has not been planted, the game must be restarted from the beginning of the round.

If a Player disconnects from a round/game that will not be restarted, they will be allowed to rejoin the game, but their character will be considered dead in the round during which they disconnected. If all Players on a Team are disconnected from a game at the same time, and the game will not be restarted, the Team will forfeit the round.

Only the use of Steam for the Game and a single way of voice communications may be used during the game.

The use of in-game changing scripts is strictly prohibited


Equipment will be provided for any player needing it.

Players may use own equipment but drivers will be installed prior to event

The use of USB or other storage devices will be allowed for configuration only and USBS will be checked.

General Rules

Teams must have at least four (4) Players present in order to start a game. A Team will forfeit game 1 if they do not have at least four (4) Players present by five (5) minutes prior to a match’s scheduled start time (grace period). If a Team has forfeited game 1, they will forfeit a Bo3 series if they do not have at least four (4) Players present by 15 minutes prior to the match’s scheduled start time. Teams that played a previous game(s) in a match will forfeit games 2 and 3 if they don’t have at least four (4) Players present by 10 minutes after the conclusion of the previous game (grace period). Teams with four (4) Players present will be forced to start a game at the end of a grace period. Players are permitted to join games that are in progress, but Players are not permitted to add a character to a game for a Player who is absent. Bots are not permitted in any game. If Teams that are scheduled to play each other both forfeit a game or match, a coin toss will determine the game/match win. If a match can’t begin at its scheduled start time, the grace period will begin at the conclusion of the station’s preceding match.

Inappropriate language used will not be tolerated

Players may not communicate with a spectator, or a Player other than a Teammate, during the course of a match.

Players, Coaches and Team Representatives may not taunt or celebrate in excess. Excessive taunting/celebration includes, but is not limited to, post-match taunting or celebration directed at or referencing an opponent(s). Post-match interactions between opponents must be limited to acts of sportsmanship.

The use of cell phones during the match will not be tolerated

Public discussions of, or agreements to, avoiding the use of abilities, items, weapons, or strategies are prohibited.

Players, Coaches and Team Representatives may not engage in unsportsmanlike physical contact.

Match fixing is defined as an attempt to arrange or influence, in advance, the outcome of a match, or events within the match, usually for the purpose of making money, often from betting. Participants, directly or indirectly, are not allowed to accept from, or offer to, any person or entity (whether they are participants or otherwise) any bribes/gifts/rewards of any nature in relation to seeking to influence the outcome, result of, conduct of, a match or the competition. Participants are under a strict obligation to immediately report to a tournament official any approach, or any offer of a bribe/gift/ reward made to them, or any other participant, related to seeking to influence the outcome, result, or conduct of a match or the competition.

Any form of cheating and/or ghosting is strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate disqualification and previous matches may also be reviewed. Tournament officials may opt to deduct further points and/ or disqualify the Team from the league entirely.

Game Arena and all other Tournament Organizers have final say when it comes to a ruling





2 prize tiers