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Fight Pitt 8
April 7th, 2018PA, US
Registration closes 4/4/18

Fight Pitt 8

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  • All money raised by this compendium will help provide funding to improve Fight Pitt, in both this and future years. This includes flying out players to our events, buying streaming and recording equipment, buying decorations and other services for this and future events, and commissioning assets for our streams and social media. Goal descriptions are for comedic purposes.

reward levels

Have Project M

We here at Pitt Smash are huge fans of Project M, and we feel this goal will provide us with the means to run a Project M tournament at Fight Pitt!

*Please see disclaimer in description.

Don’t have Project M

We here at Pitt Smash aren’t huge fans of Project M, so we feel the need to provide the opportunity for people to have us not run a Project M tournament.

*Please see disclaimer in description.

Pay our legal fees for mentioning Project M

We here at Pitt Smash really messed up by mentioning Project M at all, and may be being threatened with legal action for making this compendium. Please help us pay the settlement!

*Please see disclaimer in description.

Float Abate to first place

Abate is our favorite player, and we all know that he deserves to win the tournament, even if he loses to others along the way. With this goal, Abate will be guaranteed to walk out the victor, regardless of bracket results!

*Please see disclaimer in description.

Support for “close 2-0’s”

Everyone has played a set where the score was 2-0, but both games individually were close. Putting the result of these sets in as a simple 2-0 is unfair to players who could have won if just a few exchanges had gone differently! If this goal is reached, we'll set up a petition for smash.gg to add support for “close 2-0’s”, fixing this unfair scoring system.

*Please see disclaimer in description.

Allow friendlies

We at Pitt Smash are dedicated to providing the community with grassroots tournaments where all have the opportunity to play and have a good time. That’s why we will be allowing friendlies once this goal reaches $999,999.99.

*Please see disclaimer in description.

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