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Full Bloom 4
March 24th-25th 2018IN, US
Registration closes 3/18/18

Smash at IUB presents:

“Full Bloom 4"

Featuring 47 MIOM and 6 PGRv4 players in #1 Liquid| Hungrybox, #3 C9| Mang0, #6 TSM| Leffen, #7 Tempo| Axe, #8 Frys| Wizzrobe, #9 CLG| SFAT, #10 Tempo| S2J, #11 Liquid| ChuDat, #13 IMT| Shroomed, #14 P1| Duck, #15 Crush, #16 Swedish Delight, #17 Dignitas| Lucky, #18 G2| Westballz, #19 Misfits| La Luna, #20 ALG| n0ne, #21 CLG| PewPewU, #22 Zain, #23 Dignitas| Hugs, #24 VGBC| aMSa, #25 MikeHaze, #26 lloD, #32 Ryan Ford, #33 Balance| Syrox, #34 KJH, #36 VGBC| Rishi, #37 Bladewise, #43 Gahtzu, #45 Hax, #49 Ginger, #51 GHQ| Kels, #52 Captain Faceroll, #56 Abate, #68 Drephen, #70 Kalamazhu, #72 drunksloth, #73 Cal, #74 AbsentPage, #75 MVG| King Momo, #77 HomeMadeWaffles, #81 Rik, #85 KPAN, #91 Kaeon, #92 Bobby Frizz, #94 L, #95 NMW, & #100 2Saint + PGRv4 #20 IMT| ANTi, #22 Samsora #26 FS| Darkshad, #31 EG| Zinoto, #40 E2C| Tyroy, #45 Ryuga & #A51 Circa| Locus.

Featured Melee commentary includes HMW, Vish, Fendrick Lamar, Tempo|ME| Vro, Webs, Jackzilla, Slime and Jakespeare. Featured Smash 4 commentary includes E2C| Lord Sturm, Flambo, XzibitA, Ori and PBLK| Sai.

A Melee and Smash 4 tournament

Venue Picture

Do not miss out on the Premier Spring Midwest Major - now a 2-day event with a 24 hour venue! Full Bloom 4 includes amenities including the following:

  • 24 hour venue!
  • $1,000 pot bonus (Melee $800 | Smash 4 $200)
  • Top 2 placing, non-invited players in Melee singles win qualifying spot for Summit 6
  • Highest placing, never ranked MIOM player gets free flight to DPOTG.
  • Highest placing, never-ranked PGR Smash 4 player wins free flight to their choice of either Hyrule Saga or Port Priority 3
  • Winner of Melee singles is flown out to next ESA event.
  • EVERY competitor will receive this exclusive wristband
  • Organist playing Nintendo tunes throughout the tournament (including Top 8 walkups)

It will be taking place at the gorgeous Indiana Memorial Union and its Alumni Hall. There really is nothing quite like it.

General Information:

“Full Bloom 4” is a Melee/Smash 4 tournament held by Smash at IUB. Registration on Smash.gg is mandatory and closes March 17th, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. There will be no registration on site - including spectators who wish to play friendlies - while spectating only is available with no badge still.

You must pay for the events you would like to compete in before March 17th at 11:59pm EST. You must finish creating your Doubles team by March 18th at 11:59pm EST. Pools will be posted March 21st by 10pm EST.

We will also have a free amateur and novice bracket for both Melee and Smash 4 with prizes (to be determined), but you must enter singles to qualify.

Full Bloom 4 melee's melee events Will Use UCF

Event Caps:

  • Melee singles: 352 (Waitlist Form)
  • Melee doubles: 64
  • Smash 4 singles: 128
  • Smash 4 doubles: 32

Full Bloom 4, Facebook Event Page:

Click here.

Full Bloom 4, Stream:

Melee stream by Melee Everyday and their secondary stream Melee Everyday 2.

Smash 4 main stream by Pushblock Gaming, with an in-house side stream by Smash At IUB.

Smash at IUB, Facebook Page:



Saturday, March 24th through Sunday, March 25th, 2018


Indiana University Indiana Memorial Union - Alumni Hall/Solarium 900 E. Seventh Street Bloomington, IN 47405


Venue Fee

  • $40 Early Bird Special (10/6/17 -11/18/17 11:59PM EST)
  • $50 (11/19/17 - 3/3/18 11:59PM EST)
  • $60 Crunch Registration (3/4/18 - 3/17/18 11:59PM EST Registration closes )


Spectating with friendlies & badge: No longer available. Spectating with no friendlies or badge still available.

  • Saturday Spectating = $10
  • Sunday Spectating = $15
  • All-tournament Spectating = $20

Spectating with no friendlies or badge: *Free

Event Fees

  • Melee Singles = $10
  • Melee Doubles = $10 per player ($20 per team)
  • Smash 4 Singles = $10
  • Smash 4 Doubles = $10 per player ($20 per team)

Doubles Partner:

After you and your partner both register, please go back to smash.gg and confirm/accept your partner's Doubles Invitation. Failing to do so after registration means you WILL NOT be entered into your specified doubles event. Click here for specific instructions on how to add a doubles partner.

Refund Policy:

Refunds will be offered up until February 1st, 2018 at 11:59pm. After that time, no refunds will be offered, no exceptions. If Stripe was your payment method, you will be refunded in full.

Venue Fee Discount:

You will get $5 off your Venue Fee for EACH complete set up you bring (max of $10). However, you must stay until the end to get your refund. Please be prepared to pay the full venue fee initially. Venue fee refunds will be provided in cash, the day of the event.

Full Melee set up = GCN/Wii + Melee disc/20XX + CRT Full Bloom 4 Melee will run UCF. Please bring an appropriate storage unit running it - otherwise we will make sure that your setup will have it otherwise.

Full Smash 4 set up = HDTV + Wii U + Smash 4 + GCN controller adapter* (preferably Nintendo instead of Mayflash)

Schedule of Events (Eastern Standard Time):

Schedule subject to change.

Day One (March 24)

  • 10AM: Venue Opens
  • 11AM: Doubles Begins
  • 1PM: Melee/Smash 4 Singles Wave A
  • 2:30PM: Smash 4 Singles Wave B
  • 3PM: Melee Singles Wave B
  • 4PM: Smash 4 Singles Wave C
  • 5PM: Melee Singles Wave C
  • 5:30PM: Smash 4 Singles Wave D
  • 7PM: Melee Singles Wave D/Smash 4 Amateur+Novice Brackets/
  • 9PM: Melee Amateur+Novice Brackets

Day Two (March 25)

  • 11AM: Melee Top 48/Smash 4 Top 32 brackets
  • 4PM: Smash 4 Top 4
  • 6PM: Melee Singles Top 8
  • 11PM: Venue closes

Disqualifications Notice:

All times are approximations & subject to change. Players will be DQed if they do not show-up within 10 minutes after their match is called. The minimum DQ timer decreases to 5 minutes after Top 16 to account for hand-warmers. However, players will NOT be DQed if they have a melee/smash 4 match at the same time. Pools will be bracket pools and top 32 (Smash 4)/48 (Melee) will be all best of five. Top 6 of doubles will be best of 5. Top three get out from every pool and move on to the main bracket. Fourth place players will progress to the amateur bracket. All matches in amateur bracket except winners/losers/grands will be best of three.

Panel with the Pros:

We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting a Q&A panel with our top players at the beginning of day two.


Here are the food options located in the IMU (where the event is being held) and their hours:

  • Starbucks 8am-4pm
  • Pizza Hut 10:30am-11pm
  • Circle Cafe 6:30am-2pm
  • Sugar and Spice 9am-2pm
  • Burger King 6am-10pm
  • Charleston Market 7am-3pm
  • Cyclone Salads 11am-3pm
  • Sakura 11am-2pm

There are many more options within 5 minutes walking distance on Kirkwood and surrounding streets. There are a plethora of delivery services to utilize as well.


Student Organization Statement:

Although this organization has members who are Indiana University students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions.

Smash at IUB, an independent student organization located at Indiana University, produced and is responsible for the content of this publication. This publication was not reviewed or approved by, nor does it necessarily express or reflect the policies or opinions of, Indiana University or its designated representatives.

Applications and Forms:

Vendor Application: Form Closed.

Melee Commentary Application: Form Closed.

Smash 4 Commentary Application: Form Closed.

Full Bloom 4 TOs:

  • PhD (Louie - Full Bloom Host) @PhD_Louie
  • Strawberry Love (Tyler) @ssbmStrawberry
  • Chexx (Alex M.) @AlexLeeMe/SmashAtIUB
  • Jackzilla (Jack) @jackzillaUSA
  • SweetDee (Alex G.)
  • Horde (Austin)
  • PanBan (Kane)
  • Scantron (Tucker)
  • Heropon (Craig)
  • YamHam (Yameen)
  • Mist (Jeremy)
  • RoBoat (Robert)
  • Jaded (Robin)
  • Jackith (Jack)
  • Yato (Bryant)
  • jsph (Joseph)
  • HeyDom (Dom)
  • Weeaboo (Ian)
  • Bajef (Nick)
  • Daddy (Logan)
  • Hyde (John)
  • Nils (Reese)
  • Faro (Adam)
  • AlphaMelon (Sam)
  • Dignitas| Hugs (T.O. of Scrabble)
  • March 24th-25th 2018
  • IN
  • Melee Singles, Smash 4 Singles, Melee Doubles, Smash 4 Doubles
  • 536 Attendees


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356 attendees



900 E 7th St, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA

Getting There


Closest parking is the paid lot in front of the Indiana Memorial Union (circled in red). We will be giving out discounted parking vouchers for the paid lot which will reduce the cost to .75 cents per half hour or $13 for the entire day. This voucher can be picked up at the check-in desk. Also, any vehicle may park in any CH or ST zone on campus, 5 p.m. Friday until 11 p.m. Sunday, with or without a current parking permit unless posted otherwise. Additionally, parking garages are free on weekends with or without a current parking permit, unless posted otherwise. The closest parking garage is the Poplars garage (circled in purple). Please see the map below for all other free parking lots within a half mile distance from the venue (identified with arrows).

Parking lot map:

Picture link.


The closest airport is the Indianapolis International Airport (IND), 7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241.

An airport shuttle from Indianapolis directly to the venue and the venue hotel (Indiana Memorial Union) is available here.. The airport shuttle costs $40 roundtrip. One way Uber's typically cost $45-60. It is about a 45min-1hr drive otherwise.

Venue Hotel:

Stay in the venue - stay at the IMU's Biddle Hotel! Friday night (3/23) through Monday (3/26) rooms are available at a discount. The rooms cost $156 per night at the discounted rate.

Discount Code: SMASH18 OFFER HAS EXPIRED AS OF 2/24/18 Rooms still available to book at higher cost. Reserve by phone at (800)-209-8145. Reserve online here.

  • Easy access to 24 hour venue!
  • Free Parking All-Weekend
  • Room Service Available
  • Food Court
  • 24-hour fitness center
  • Convenience, in the same building as #FB4!
  • IND Airport Shuttle Directly to IMU ($40 Roundtrip)
  • Right near Kirkwood Avenue (Bloomington's main street.)

Off-site Hotel and Community Housing:

While not recommended due to non-optimal convenience, for the absolute cheapest hotels there is a Super 8, Days Inn, and Quality Inn on the nearby highway less than three miles from the venue for $50-100 a night rooms. The cheapest hotel with closest proximity to the venue is Travelodge.

Otherwise, there is a Holiday Inn, Hyatt Place, and more of the like in the nearby downtown district (<1.5 mile from venue) for around $100-$180 dollars depending on the deal. Additionally, AirBnB's have a presence in the area.

Finally, you are welcome to join our Facebook group "Smash At IUB" and nearby groups "Indianapolis Smash" + "Indiana Melee" to request housing from community members.

Venue Picture

Busing, Lyft, and Ubers:

Campus buses, which look like some variation of this bus, are free to ride. This bus system can take you around the campus. The schedule is listed here. We highly recommend downloading the Doublemap app to track the buses.

City buses, which look like some variation of this bus, are ran at various costs upon entry of the bus. The schedule is listed here.

Ubers and Lyfts are available in Bloomington at all hours. Keep in mind peak hours during the nights due to night-life in Btown.


Additional Information

General Questions, Official Twitter @SmashAtIUB:


Smash at IUB, Facebook Group:

Smash At IUB FB Group.

Full Bloom Tournament Series Host, "PhD", Twitter Handle:

If you wish to get a hold of Louie "PhD" Limas directly on his Twitter, it's located at @PhD_Louie.

President of Smash at IUB, "Strawberry Love", Twitter Handle:

If you wish to get a hold of Tyler "Strawberry Love" Boomershine directly on his Twitter, it's located at @ssbmStrawberry.

Vice President of Smash at IUB, "Chexx", Twitter Handle:

If you wish to get a hold of Alex "Chexx" Myers directly on his Twitter, it's located at @AlexLeeMe. He is the head of Smash 4.

Tournament Admins

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