GameWars Spring 2018
GameWars Spring 2018
May 4th-5th 2018Bryan, TX

GameWars Spring 2018

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Help out A&M Consolidated High School!
Money raised will help buy supplies for class activities and future GameWars!
Where Your Contributions Go
Your money goes to our SkillsUSA Chapter, our tech program, and our certifications!
What Certifications?
In our tech classes, we work towards getting internationally recognized CompTIA certifications. Donations will help offset the cost of the exam.

reward levels

Minh and/or Neil Shaves Their Head(s)

These two are in a real hairy situation; if this goal gets funded, Minh and/or Neil will have their head(s) on stream!

Let's keep it clean (cut)!
Complete this goal to unlock Mr. T's Shaving Goal!
Teacher Mr. T Shaves His Hair into a Mohawk

We've gone this far-- time for a grand finale! If this goal gets funded, students will get to shave Mr. T's hair into a mohawk!

Time for a trim!
Certification Fundraising

Contributions to this goal help to get our tech members certified!

Thanks for your support!
Neil Eats Gross Food from the Asian Market

Neil is willing to take one for the team-- if this goal gets funded, he'll eat some gross stuff on live on stream!

Complete this goal to unlock Minh and Neil's Shaving Goal!
This shop closed on May 10th, 2018

Direct Donation

Thank you for your support!


smash.gg Zipper Bag

A drawstring with a front pouch zipper with the smash.gg logo printed on the center.

48% of purchases go to Reward Levels.

smash.gg Shirt

Red Gildan Softstyle shirt with the smash.gg logo.

51% of purchases go to Reward Levels.

GameWars Shop is Closed

Thank you for purchasing!