Genesis 4
Genesis 4
January 20th-22nd 2017San Jose, CA
Genesis 4


    Game: Melee 
    Asking: $250

    Yo, I'm Verity. I play Melee, write for mYinsanity, and I am an aspiring commentator. I'm currently living in my car. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm choosing to live in my car. I'm building up my resources to be able to transform my "home" into a roving Melee machine. My dream is to one day travel throughout the US, and be a full-time esports journalist for the greater FGC. Genesis 4 will be my first foray into testing the concept. I plan on driving the distance from Utah to Genesis, cataloging the trip on video and in writing. I plan to capture the essence of Genesis in writing, Gonzo style. The money I'm asking for would cover fuel and an emergency fund for vehicle hiccups, to be added to my own. For writing references, there are my articles on mYinsanity.eu and my personal site at smashverity.com. I would be ecstatic to have this opportunity to give back to the greater Smash community. Thank you.