Genesis 5
Genesis 5
January 19-21 2018550 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

Genesis 5 Compendium Nominations


Any user who signed up before 7/16/17 and has entered an event on smash.gg is eligible to enter.

If you meet that requirement, click the button below to customize your page with a fundraising amount and a video with description to tell the community why you should be sent to Genesis 5.

Twitter Nominations

Nominations will open on November 29 at 3pm PST.

Each player who opts in gets a unique page with a tweet button. Tweets from that page earn the player votes. Earn the most votes to be added to the Genesis 5 Compendium. Only 1 tweet per Twitter account will be counted in voting.

Voters can receive additional votes by connecting their Twitter accounts to smash.gg and by following @smashgg!

Compendium Voting

The top 3 players in Melee and Wii U, along with the top 2 players in SSB64 and top 2 in non-smash games will be locked in as the Event Compendium when it opens Friday December 1 at 3pm PST.

Compendium Goals

These player have been voted into the Compendium! Donations and purchases in the Compendium will contribute to the player of your choice from this list.


  • NJ
Asking $500
  • NY
Asking $300
  • VIC
Asking $600
  • FL
Asking $750
  • HI
Asking $600
  • GA
Asking $500

Wii U

Asking $850
Asking $1000
  • MA
Asking $350
Asking $500
Asking $300


  • ON
Asking $1000
  • MI
Asking $600
Asking $1300
  • BC
Asking $400

SSB 64

Asking $800
  • ON
Asking $500


Twitter Nominations open November 29th at 3 pm PST.

The top 3 players in Melee and Wii U, along with the top 2 players in SSB64 and top 2 in non-smash games will be locked in as a compendium level on December 1 at 3pm PT.

Last day to opt-in will be 12/18, last day to vote is 12/23, and last day player levels will be donated to is 12/25.

    Connect your Twitter  for 10 nominations
    Please allow 20 minutes for your nomination to update. Only the most recent tweet per Twitter account will be counted in voting.
    • Kenneth Hanss - Phillip Herrera Muñoz
    Game: Wii U 
    Asking: $800

    Hello Im Keen, a top 2 player and the best Fox in Chile, i've been very consistent in my region defeating top 10 players like Phantom, Harlonga and Iori, following the steps from the best player in the world, my big life dream is travelling to the U.S to show what im capable of and represent South America in Smash 4, if you support me i would be very thankful and promise you i will do my best to show my performance as a player!

    Game: SSB 64 
    Asking: $350

    Hey all! For the people who don't know me, I am an up and coming Jigglypuff player from Victoria BC, Canada who has slowly been rising the PNW 64 ranks over the last year. I have taken sets off of Washington's #1 and British Columbia's #2 in recent months, as well as scoring a 3rd and 4th place at the last 2 "big" (for 64 anyways) 64 tournaments in the PNW, being VBR: Revival and Smash Battle Seattle respectively.

    My goal for Smash 64 is to be the undisputed best in my region, which is a goal that is slowly but surely coming along I think, and going to Genesis would be another big step for me to both prove myself and gain experience.

    The video I chose is a combo I have been working on and am hoping to have finished for the combo contest at G5

    Thanks for reading this far, I hope you vote for me!

    Vic>Van best city NA

      Game: Splatoon 2 
      Asking: $300

      This would be the first time I ever entered a Splatoon 2 LAN. I feel like I am good enough to compete on a pick up team with 3 other people. I feel like I could maybe cause an upset or 2 in bracket. I’m currently playing for an up and coming team, Tidal Wave.

      • Tyler Awdisho
      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $500

      Hey, it's Tyroy the midwest bayo main. I'm #1 in chicago and have had a pretty good season with wins over the likes of Nairo, void, and zack. I've proven that I'm capable of competing at the highest level and believe that with more opportunities I could break through the ceiling.

      Notable Placings: Midwest Mayem 9- 5th Evo-33rd Smashcon-33rd Shine-17th Big House 7-17th Midwest Mayhem 10-5th

      Traveling to california from the midwest is always pretty expensive so this would mean a lot. Thanks for reading :)

      • Jaycob Applegate
      Game: Melee 
      Asking: $500

      Hey guys! My tag is Cob and I'm currently ranked #2 in Kentucky. Over the past year I have wins over players such as Colbol and Abate and have several good doubles placings.

      Genesis would be an amazing opportunity for me to level up and gain experience. Being from a small town in Kentucky I have to drive around two hours one way to just get friendlies with players on a similar level. Genesis would offer me the chance to learn from and play with a variety of players that I currently don't have access to.

      Despite a decent 2017 resume, I haven't been able to attend many major tournaments due to both finances and location. I am an undergraduate student in college and money can be a bit hard to come by. I am asking a relatively low amount compared to other opt-ins and would love to get a chance to compete in California.

      Notable 2017 Wins: Colbol, Abate, 4%, Nightmare, King Momo, Michael4100000, Rik, Reeve, Atomsk.

      Placings: TBH7 - 129th FB3 - 33rd SnS3 - 33rd Bad Moon Rising - 13th Fight Pitt 7 - 9th Kill Roy 3 - 2nd

      • Derek Davies
        Game: Wii U 
        Asking: $700

        Hello, everyone! I'm Derek, a Shulk main from the sunny state of Florida and I've always have wanted to give going out of state to play a game I love competitively a shot. Getting to experience what its like to travel across the U.S. and going to a huge event with people I can relate to and share my passion with has been a longtime dream of mine. As I can't apply for a job at the age of 15, I need to ask the community to take me places I can't afford to go; if I get nominated for the compendium, I'll do my best to represent Shulk in Nicko's place and make my voters proud! If you do vote for me I'll be extremely grateful for you supporting my passion and opening doors for me I can't yet open on my own.

        Special thanks to RomanDogg for putting the featured combo video together! Without his support, I wouldn't be able to show your vote is in good hands; once again, thank you to all of my supporters as well, and I hope to see you all at Genesis 5!

        • Kevin Pan
        Game: Melee 
        Asking: $500


        Nair (Wolf)
        • Daniel Heskett
          Game: Splatoon 2 
          Asking: $400

          Long time player of this game been on top teams for the length of its existence. Chimera, Nintendome, Paradise, etc.

          It'll be really cool to meet Sendou so if that happens that'd be lit. If not that's cool too. I really like Melee and Splatoon so this tournament is ideal for me. I'll definitely try and make it fuego if I go. 🔥

          • Sacha Szymoniak
            Game: Rivals of Aether 
            Asking: $1000

            Hey guys, Yam here !

            #1 EU Absa and ranked #2 on the current EU RCS season, I'm taking my chances to show the world that the EU crew's got some sweet moves ! Needless to say that being a student, I can't afford a trip like this one on my own. So here I am ! I'll bring croissants if I'm able to come, see ya ! <3

            • Edson Montes
              Game: Wii U 
              Asking: $600

              Hello! My name is Speedman!

              I am a 17 year old Sonic main hailing from Georgia, and I would love to have the opportunity to help represent the Atlantic Southeast at arguably the biggest tournament of the year.

              "Why should I vote for you?"

              I am one of the MANY hidden bosses of the east coast that don't get a chance at the spotlight too often due to Smash 4's top talent/production being centered in the west coast, and with me having little to no money at my disposal for travelling out of region, this would mean the world to me.

              Over my Career, I have garnered wins on:

              Mew2King, KidG(Momocon 2017) Sonído(#3 in GA),
              Salt One(#4 in GA),
              RGF(#8 in GA), Bill_/Harlock(#10 in GA), C.C, Neos, KDK(Previously PRd Top 10 in GA) Thundersz(#2 in AL), Luxdre, Kman(Top 5 players in TN) El Chapo (#9 in SC)

              Above all, I want to use this trip to help me grow as a player! There are lots of amazing players on the west coast that I could not play otherwise, and seeing how I stack up against them would help me level up fast.

              Thank you for reading!

              • Arjun Rao
              Game: Melee 
              Asking: $500

              hi im junebug and i ply sheik in melee and lcario in brawl and diddy/ganon in pm

              i should be at genesis bcuz im pretty gud at smash brudders

              iwanna beat up WC som plz gimme $$$$

              • William Truong
              Game: Melee 
              Asking: $1000

              Hey guys Trulliam here!

              I would love the opportunity to go to Genesis 5 for various reasons! I have never been to a Genesis or California in my life and ever since watching Genesis 3 it has always been a goal of mine.

              I have had quite a solid 2017 and Genesis 5 would be a fantastic experience for me as a player. I wanna represent Canada, as well as Falco on the big stage and hopefully but on a good show :)

              Also Genesis 5 is the weekend right after my birthday and I will be turning 21 so i would also LOVE to finally be able to drink in the states and have a good time hanging out with the homies!

              Thanks for reading!

              • Eduardo Aguirre
                Game: Rivals of Aether 
                Asking: $500

                Hi, im BlackAce in rivals and EddyAguirre in Sm4sh, mexican player, i might not be the most active player in rivals cuz i'm a little shy at that but i know i have good potential for this game and a lot of player i've met have told me that and i really want to show my abilities at this tournament, the only thing i need is help for my flight, everything else i can afford it Thanks to everyone and if i get to genesis i'll not disapoint you.

                • Kristian Hogg
                Game: SSB 64 
                Asking: $300

                Hello, for those who don't know me, my tag is KrisKringle. I'm a ranked 64 player from British Columbia and considered to be the top Ness main in entire PNW (I also play falcon). My past tournament experiences include Don't Park on the Grass and Super Smash Con, as well as many regional tourneys of course.

                Being able to come to Genesis would be awesome because I hope to gain new experiences to become a high level player. But money is really tight for me, so any support you offer is greatly appreciated. If I make my goal I will go all Ness in tourney, to show representation to a underrated character. It would also be amazing to get to commentate sets there because that's also an aspect of this game i greatly enjoy.

                Thanks for your time, and happy holidays.

                • Luis Felipe Abreu de Carvalho
                  Game: Wii U 
                  Asking: $1200

                  Player from Rio de Janeiro, started playing Smash4 in 2014! Felt in love with the competitive scene and plays all Smashs to the maximum! Melee, 64 and Smash4! Playing so many different games and yet good at all of then! The best Toon Link in brazil! Winning many majors in the country and out of Brazil as well! Top 16 in every smash in UFSmash3, latam major! 64 with Kort, Banzé, Lorenzo, Fukurou, Jyrem, Yuu, Tavamono! Melee with Bobesco, Aisengobay, Roche! Smash4 with P7, Seyaru, Nathan, Fullmoon! I have beaten P7, the best in brazil! Oblivion, the best in paraguay! And i want to beat every top player from the world and play more and more!

                  Game: Wii U 
                  Asking: $650

                  Hey, its ya boi arteek. Most of those viewing this page probably know me as "The top 5 WiFi Sheik" ROFL. But seriously though, it'd be nice to be nominated if people thought I could place well at one of these events and such. I've been able to play and train a lot with fellow WiFi warriors such as the members in my crew, Static Gaming, but I'm never able to travel anywhere offline because of how overprotective my parents are with school, not even my own Locals.They said that if I can get this nomination I can go, so that's SO COOL! IM ALREADY SO HIGH GUYS! PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME THERE VOTE! Bye guys, until next time!

                  Game: Melee 
                  Asking: $800

                  Bring the best of both worlds to G5! Mexico & Japan represent!

                  Yu is one of the best players from Mexico and Japan, ranked #3 in both countries with his sick Falco play and combos! Please consider supporting his attendance to G5 as it is an opportunity like no other and will be a great way to showcase the talent and skill of international play!

                  ~ In a land where spacies are rare, Yu rose above the Yoshis, floaties and all adversaries to make his mark amongst the best in Japan, even beating the likes of aMSa, Rudolph, Shippu and becoming the KVO x TSB champion in Osaka!

                  ~ In Mexico, where Javi stands mighty after all these years, Yu has been one of the few players to challenge him, beating the rest of the competition along the way, like Twin, Valdo, .jpg, among others.

                  Not only is Yu a great player, but also a great member of the Smash community wherever he resides. In Japan he's inspired a whole new wave of spacie mains and in Mexico he coaches players regularly to help them grow. He is someone genuinely invested in the growth of the community and representing his countries on the big stage!

                  Some links:

                  ~ Interview with Smashboards https://smashboards.com/threads/japanese-melee-champ-yu-on-victories-and-goals.447613/

                  ~ Mexican sports article on Yu (& MKLeo) http://www.record.com.mx/esports-noticias/mexico-conquista-japon-en-torneos-de-smash-bros-del-kvo2017

                  ~ Hype set against Darkatma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3bjc2e0r7M

                  (This blurb was written by Pablo from La Gema, Yu's team. Thank you all for your support!)

                  • Marco Jardak
                  Game: SSB 64 
                  Asking: $300.00

                  I don't use boring characters. Expect a lot of Fox, Puff, and Samus. I will beat lames who use lame characters by playing cool with cool characters.

                  Also I am the best thing that can happen at G5.

                  • Lorenzo Palermo Saraiva
                  Game: SSB 64 
                  Asking: $600


                  I'm Lorenzo, the best DK main in Brazil. I've been to many US tournaments in the last years, including G3, SSC2016, SSC2017 and BB3 paying for my own tickets, and always glad to do so to represent DK, one of the least seen characters out there. I got Top 8 at BB3, the first time a solo DK got Top 8 in a US majora and in the 2016 League Rankings, I was #60 and the only DK.

                  Now, I've been training real hard, and I really want to go to G5 for a chance to once again try to take the Donkey where he has never been before. And also, of course, see everybody in the community again. But Brazil is having a hard time and I really need your help to do so.

                  I'm counting on all the DK fans out there!

                  See you at G5!

                    Game: Splatoon 2 
                    Asking: $400

                    I guess I should put a real description here lol.

                    I'm a Splatoon player with a long history in the game. I've played with/subbed for SRL, gk, Yami and some other teams you'd probably recognize if you're familiar with the competitive scene. I wanna go to Genesis and see my friends and play. I'm pretty versatile and use a ton of different weapons so hopefully it would be fun to see me compete. I'm pretty ok at the game too. I guess.

                    • yoshua peral castillo
                    Game: SSB 64 
                    Asking: $400

                    Hello everyone! I came last year asking to get in the compendium saying i was really close to the top players in the world and that G4 was the oportunity to shine and thankfully i got funded in the compendium. I went to G4 and proved to everyone that the compendium wasn't a waste. I got 4th in singles, beating Wizzrobe, and 3rd place in doubles. I've had and amazing year placing top 4 in every event I attended aside from SSC. I would like to continue working hard in the game and proving that I'm a one of the best. I know I'm close to winning a super major, I just need the funds to get there. I also want to prove to the Meixcan community that being at the top in smash is possible with hard work, and hopefully this can motivate others. So please, one more time, give me the chance to compete again. Thank you, and Greetings from Mexico !!

                      Game: Splatoon 2 
                      Asking: $1000

                      Hey, I dont't know if you know me, but anyway it's Kiri from the European team Extermination. I have already been to a lan in europe and it was so much fun. I've always wanted to be in the USA, kind of like a dream. Since I was a little Italian kid, my father kept telling me stories of how happy he was when he lived in the US. This would be a great chance for me to visit the country I've always wanted to visit and get to know a lot of people from the Splatoon community! That being said I really hope that if you read this, you're gonna nominate me, if not, thanks anyways for reading my short little story.

                      The one
                        Game: SSB 64 
                        Asking: $100

                        rghi I can't find out how to delete this entry mods can take this down if they like and I need to fit 140 characters so 4gqetgqergqrnf qeh3bfhj4ebrhqb4e fhbqwerhnbg qjernf qjnre gfjmbe fj

                        Game: Melee 
                        Asking: $450

                        My name is Trent Schaeffer and i'm from the M I D W E S T.

                        Vote for cob tbh

                        Lil bit about me:

                        • I play marf
                        • I usually go by the tag Dusty MD or PaNdOrAs_FoX
                        • My favorite Melee players are Dart, PewPewU and LanceinthePants.
                        • Im sponsored by the supportive company Evansville Esports. (@evilleesports)

                        most of my reputation comes from my twitter @pand0ras_fox, im also an admin in melee hell. that either lowers or heightens ur opinion of me.

                        "is that pandoras fox?!" -PewPewU

                        "that was cool" - westballz when i did a cool thing

                        a lot of my online friends are going to be at g5 and ive always dreamed of meeting them, money is hard to come by per se. im definitely not super good at melee, but when i go to tournaments i always apply myself and devote my whole time to improving, i got significantly better and started performing much better after i went to big house. i feel like im so close to making another jump in skill level.

                        a vote for PaNdOrAs_FoX is a vote for good RNG for the rest of your life.



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