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Nerdom Games Monthly!
March 23rd-24th 2018Orlando, FL

Welcome to CSE's Official new monthly event! At these events we will be having Pokken Tournament DX, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Fighterz, and Blaze Blue as a side game. However, as this is the first of our tournament series, we will be breaking the event up into a 2-day event! Tekken 7 and our side game BlazeBlue Central fiction will take place on Friday the 23rd. Our Main games will be Pokken Tournament DX and Dragon Ball Fighterz and both take place on Saturday. All of the main games will be having a $100 Pot Bonus as well so no matter the game you play, you got some incentive to get involved!

This event is something we are planning to make as large and major as possible so we are looking for really commentators, and some cosplayers to give the events some flair, and we will be giving out prizes through a raffle! so even if you go 0-2 cause you are free you still have a chance to walk away with something.


As we are expecting a large number of players this will be a BYOC (Bring your own Console) Event. Do not worry though, you will be rewarded properly for allowing the venue to use your set-up and monitors. Rules for such are listed in the rules section for more details.

Entry Fee

CASH ONLY Registration and Venue: $12.00 On-site Registration. $4 Venue fee and $8 Registration fee per game entered. Registration goes towards the prize pool (or pot) of the game which you have registered for. You are allowed to add to the pot if you wish.

Pre-Registering or bringing a set-up will cut the Venue fee in half. However, If you are to Pre-register and bring a set-up the venue fee will be waived entirely. Pre-registration ends February 22nd at 12am.



5pm - Registration

7pm - Blaze Blue

7:30 pm - Tekken 7


12pm - Registration

1pm - Pokken Tournament DX

2pm - Dragon Ball Fighterz

  • March 23rd-24th 2018
  • FL
  • DBFZ Singles, Pokken DX Singles, Tekken 7 Singles, BB Singles
  • 8 Attendees



601 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, USA

Getting There

Ine you enter the Plaza, it is the building beside the laundromat that is acroos the street from Barnes and Nobles.


Additional Information

Tournament Admins