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OpTic Arena
June 8th-10th 2018Fort Worth, TX
Registration closes 6/2/18


About OpTic Arena

  • June 8th-10th 2018
  • TX
  • Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles, DRAGON BALL FighterZ
Please check the full tournament details before registering

Tickets include a weekend pass to OpTic Arena, A-kon and the 24-hour gaming lounge at the Omni Hotel. Attendees have access to Fortnite competitions throughout the weekend and top 5 placing attendees per competition gain admission into the Golden Ticket matches. Golden Ticket matches will be held end of day June 9th and 10th. Additionally, if you'd like to participate in any of the fighting gaming tournaments you can register for an additional $10 per game.

June 8-10

Fort Worth Convention Center Arena
1201 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

$70 - price increases to $79 on May 1st

OpTic Arena Battle Royale

  • Compete in Fortnite matches by queuing in the line. Golden Ticket qualification matches will be played on Saturday and Sunday leading up to the Golden Ticket games at the end of each day.

Melee Tournament

  • Double-elimination style bracket. Enter this tournament by paying an additional $10 when registering.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tournament

  • Double-elimination style bracket. Enter this tournament by paying an additional $10 when registering.

Street Fighter V Tournament

  • Double-elimination style bracket. Enter this tournament by paying an additional $10 when registering.


Question: What is included in my OpTic Arena ticket?

  • Answer: Access to OpTic Arena, A-kon, the 24 Hour Gaming Lounge and the Fortnite Battle Royale event. If you wish to enter the fighting game tournaments, you must purchase a pass and then pay a $10 entry fee to enter each tournament.

Question: Where is the 24 hour gaming lounge?

  • Answer: The 24 hour gaming lounge is located across the street from the Fort Worth Convention Center at the Omni Hotel. You will find the lounge on the second floor.

Question: Has a detailed schedule been released?

  • Answer: Not at this time. General admission will be allowed into the OpTic Arena starting at 11AM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Question: How do you participate in the OpTic Arena Battle Royale?

  • Answer: All attendees of A-KON / OpTic Arena are welcome to participate. All you have to do is simply line up at the Fortnite area and play! There is no bracket registration for the OpTic Arena Battle Royale.

Question: Is there an entry fee?

  • Answer: You only need to purchase an OpTic Arena pass to have access to the venue. So long as you have access to the venue via an A-KON or OpTic Arena pass, you are able to play in the OpTic Arena Battle Royale.

Question: How many times can you participate in the Fortnite Battle Royale event?

  • Answer: After waiting in line and sitting down, attendees will play in two consecutive Fortnite matches. Attendees are welcome to play again afterwards if they wish to go through the line once more.

Question: What time is the OpTic Arena Battle Royale open?

  • Answer: The Fortnite portion of the Arena will be open for general admission from 12:00-8:00 on Friday, 11-00-9:00 on Saturday, and 11-7 on Sunday. The final hour on Saturday and Sunday is reserved for the Golden Ticket game.

Question: Who’s participating from OpTic?

  • Answer: We plan on including some of your favorite players and content creators from across most OpTic brands!

Question: Can I bring my own peripherals?

  • Answer: No. All peripherals will be provided on site, including controllers, keyboard and mice.

Question: Will the Optic Arena Battle Royale be Solo, Duo, or Squad?

  • Answer: All games will be solo.

Question: Can I team up with my friends anyway?

  • Answer: No. As the game mode is solo, teaming up is against the rules. Attendees found to be teaming up will be asked to leave the Fortnite area.

Question: What do I get for playing?

  • Answer: On Saturday and Sunday, attendees who finish in the Top 5 (while spots remain) will be eligible to play in the Golden Ticket game later in the day.

Question: What are the Golden Ticket Games?

  • Answer: The Golden Ticket games are special games that take place at the end of the day on Saturday and Sunday. Attendees will fight it out for glory in these games, and the winner of each day will take home a Golden Ticket.

Question: What is a Golden Ticket?

  • Answer: The Golden Ticket gives the bearer an all-expense paid trip to E3 as a VIP. They will be able to watch the Fortnite Party Royale Celebrity Pro-Am live as well as receive an E3 badge to visit the Epic Games booth at the LA Convention Center.

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