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May 27th, 2018Seattle, WA

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Donate to Seattle Children's Hospital
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Paws Pullover Hoodie

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Remember Paws forever; get a Gildan heavy cotton pullover hoodie in Black with the Paws logo on it.

39% of purchases go to Reward Levels.


"I Beat Michael Hartley" Shirt

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In June 2015 during the first year of UW Smash, David "DavidCanFly" Tze defeated Michael "Dempsey" Hartley at Smash For Smiles, during an exhilarating set while wearing this tank top. With this win David beat Michael in tournament for the first time and for many years to come.

This tank top is a settlement for smashers who have beaten Michael Hartley, who wants to beat him or who has never even played him before. This Item is a one of a kind, and there is no other alternative for it. (Also I can’t fit it anymore)

Disclaimer: it’s a size small. Venue pickup only.

95% of purchases go to Reward Levels.


UW Smash Shirt

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Everyone has a pocket fox, show off yours with style. This design is printed on a Gildan softstyle shirt in Purple.

36% of purchases go to Reward Levels.