RG 3v3 Weekly #65 (EU) | PC & PS4
RG 3v3 Weekly #65 (EU) | PC & PS4
June 1, 2018Online

It's time for another Rewind Gaming Weekly! As usual there's a prize pool for the winning team, so grab your friends, sign up, and get ready for an awesome night.

Our tournaments are free to enter and anyone can join, regardless of skill/rank. We have a huge range of players entering our events, so however good you are we can guarantee you'll get some great match-ups!

Registration closes: 6:00pm BST

Tournament starts: 6:30pm BST

Drop us a follow on Twitter (@RewindRL) to stay on the ball with our events.
If you decide not to play this time round, we'd love to see you on our Twitch stream.

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June 1st 2018

Rocket League 3v3

TeamsRocket League
Tucker C.
Conor Scannell
Mischa K.
Steven Hoody
Andreas Toften
lewis welzy
alex marto
Rouven Lührs
Leon Thaci
undefinedHere's Brucey!
SenseHere's Brucey!
Tom Graham
Kalle Lehto
Marius Lind

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Additional details

Besides playing in our tournaments, why not join one of the largest (and coolest) Rocket League communities in Europe? We have over 1400 amazing members on our Discord, and hopefully we'll see you there soon too!

Tournament Admins
Corey Dyer
Ben Tsow



  • We require at least one player from your team to join our Discord server. This will make life much easier if you need to contact us or if we need to contact you.
  • You have 10 minutes before each round to check-in and contact your opponents through Smash.gg. If you do not check-in within this window, your opponents will automatically be given the win.
  • Teams can register 5 players on their squad (3 starters and 2 subs). If you cannot field a team of 3 players for a round, your team will be disqualified.

During the matches

  • Matches must be played on a normal-style map (no Wasteland, Starbase or Rocket Labs) and you must continue on this map for the entire round.
  • The default server location is Europe. If both teams agree to a location change before the round starts, then a new server location may be used.
  • The series format is Best of 3 until the Grand Finals, at which point it becomes a Best of 5.
  • 'Friendly' trash talking is allowed to an extent. If, however, you feel like your opponents are stepping over that line and actively being malicious, take a screenshot of their messages and send it to an admin or moderator on Discord. They will then take whatever action deemed reasonable.
  • If a player disconnects within the first minute of gameplay and a goal has not been scored, the match will be restarted.
  • If both teams agree to a server change within the first minute of a match then the match will be restarted with the new server.
  • Substitutions can only be made in between rounds.
  • If at any point you or your opponents decide to forfeit the match or series, a screenshot must be taken and sent to RG | bntsw.#6583 over Discord as a form of confirmation.

Post game

Smash.gg auto-fetches the results of each of your games. Even so we strongly recommend you take a screenshot of each match you play. This is to avoid conflicts later down the line with teams accusing others of cheating and so on. If only one team can provide a screenshot of the match, then the end result will be based off that screenshot. If neither team can provide evidence then it’s down to a Moderator to decide the final result.


How do I check-in?
Smash.gg handles check-ins on a per-round basis. This means that you need to check in for each round you play in. You can do this by clicking on your current match-up in the bracket.

How do I contact my opponents?
Navigate to the tournament's bracket. Find your match within the bracket and look for the chat tab. Use this to send or receive match details with your opponents.

How do I report the scores?
Smash.gg can automatically report the scores of the matches you play, provided you set up the servers using the details it provides.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered in the FAQs or in the rules, you can always contact one of our Moderators on our Discord.


The Prizepool!

All donations and $0.50 codes used will go towards the prizepool!

Matcherino: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/11021 Free $0.50 code: RGw65