RG 3v3 Weekly #9 (EU) | PC & PS4
RG 3v3 Weekly #9 (EU) | PC & PS4
March 25, 2017Online

It's time for another Rewind Weekly! As usual there's a $15 prize for the winning team, so grab your friends, sign up, and get ready for an awesome night.

Our tournaments are free to enter and anyone can join, regardless of skill/rank. We get a huge range of players entering our events, so however good you are we can guarantee you'll get some great match-ups!

Registration closes: 7:15pm GMT

Tournament starts: 7:30pm GMT

Drop us a follow on Twitter (@RewindRL) to stay on the ball with our events.
If you decide not to play this time round, we'd love to see you on our Twitch stream.

Feeling generous? Help fund this tournament by heading to our Matcherino page. You can even use the code rgweekly9 to donate $1 completely free!


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We use Matcherino to collect donations and hand out prizes from our tournaments. Please can you make sure you:

  • Create a Matcherino account
  • Go to our tournament page on Matcherino and 'Join' the event. Please be aware that you also need to sign up here on Smash.gg. If you are in the process of signing up as you read this, please scroll down to the bottom of these rules to continue the signup procedure.



  1. Your team captain must join our Discord server and stay connected until either your team are knocked out of the tournament, or you have completed the tournament.
  2. If we cannot find your team captain on our server when the tournament starts, you will have 10 minutes to resolve the issue before we will have to disqualify your team.
  3. Your names on Smash must accurately represent your in-game names. If we suspect you are not who you say you are, you could risk being disqualified from the event.
  4. You have 10 minutes between each series to contact your next opponents and organise your next match-up. These 10 minutes will begin once both teams have finished all their matches from the same series and one team has attempted to contact the other team.
  5. Use the private chat provided by Smash to organise the matches against your opponent. The higher seeded team is responsible for setting up the matches and messaging the details to their opponents.
  6. Teams can register 5 players on their squad (3 starters and 2 subs). If you substitute on a player who you did not register, or you cannot field a full team after the allotted 10 minutes, your team will be disqualified.
  7. Substitutions can only be made in between series. If you substitute in a player between matches, your team will have to forfeit.
  8. If at any time during the tournament a teammate is unable to participate or drops out of a match, you have 5 minutes in which to contact your substitute and bring them into the game. If you are unable to do this, the remaining team members will have to forfeit the series.
  9. If at any point you or your opponents decide to forfeit the match or series, a screenshot must be taken and sent to an admin or moderator (on Discord) as a form of confirmation.

During the matches

  1. Matches must be played on a normal-style map (which means no Neo Tokyo, Wasteland, Starbase or Rocket Labs) unless both teams agree on playing on a different map (screenshots must be taken of the agree.
  2. Maps cannot be switched during a series; If you start a series on Neo Tokyo, you play each match on Neo Tokyo.
  3. The default server location will be Europe. If both teams agree to a different location before match start, then the server location may be changed.
  4. The series format is Best of 3 until the grand final, at which point it becomes a Best of 5.
  5. Use the default team colours and names.
  6. 'Friendly' trash talking is allowed to an extent. If, however, you feel like your opponents are stepping over that line and actively being malicious, take a screenshot of their messages and send it to an admin or moderator on Discord. They will then take whatever action deemed reasonable.
  7. Any exploitation of the game is inexcusable and will result in either a disqualification from the tournament or (in extreme circumstances) a ban from all future events.
  8. If a team member disconnects within the first minute of game play and that team requests a restart, the match will be restarted. The team with the missing player has 5 minutes to either contact a substitute and have them join the game, or wait for their team member to rejoin otherwise they will have to either continue or forfeit the match. Each team may request one restart every series, but after that matches must continue no matter what.
  9. If both teams agree to a server change within the first minute of a match then the match will be restarted with the new server. If the teams agree to a server change between the matches in a series, then a new server must be created.

Post game

  1. You MUST save a replay or take a screenshot of each match you play in a series.This is to avoid conflicts later down the line with teams accusing others of cheating and whatnot. If only one team can provide a replay/screenshot of the match, then the end result will be based of that replay/screenshot. If neither team can provide evidence then the match must be restarted.

These hopefully won't affect the majority of players in the tournament but they are just there as a means of keeping everything running smoothly.
We hope you enjoy the tournament and it would be awesome to see you again!


How do I check-in?
You will be able to check-in up to an hour before the tournament starts. To do so, go to the tournament page and click the big red 'Check In' button.

How do I contact my opponents?
On the tournament page, click on the Brackets tab. Find your match within the bracket and look for the Private Chat. Use this to send or receive match details with your opponents.

How do I report the scores?
Click on the Brackets tab and find your current match. Click on it and from there you should be able to report the scores of your match.



First Place: $30