06/30/2017 - 09/30/2017Online

Game Rules: Singles 2 Stocks, 6 Minutes, Pause Off. No Customs. Default Size Mii's Any Moveset. Handicap: Off; Damage Ratio: 100% Items: Off All sets are best of 3.

Stage List: Starter Stages: Battlefield* Final Destination** Lylat Cruise Smashville Town & City

Counterpick Stages: Dream Land 64* Omega Stages**

Banning stages with one * asterisk * also bans the same stage in the counter pick section. Banning a stage with two ** asterisks ** also bans all other stages with two asterisks.

Additional Rules: Players select their characters, then stage strike (each player strikes out a single stage) or may agree upon the first stage. Winner of game 1 bans one stage, loser picks stage. Winner then selects character, and then loser selects character. Repeat this process until all matches are played.

DSR: Players may not select the stage they have previously won on unless agreed upon by both parties.

Stalling: Any player intentially delaying the game or breaking the game by exploiting bugs will result in an automatic forfeiture from the tournament.

Pausing: If a player pauses the game, that player must lose 1 stock. Pausing functionality should be disabled prior to the beginning of the match.

Warm ups/Hand warmers: Should not take excessive amounts of time, up to 30 seconds maximum.

Timeout: If the time runs out on the clock the winner is the player with the most stocks, if both players are tied for stocks the winner is the player with the least percentage taken, if both players are tied for percent, the winner is the player with the least damage taken on both stocks, if both players are tied still refer to self-destruct/double K.O.

Self-Destruct/Double K.O.: If a player uses any move that results in a self destruct, whoever appears on the winning screen is the winner of the match. If both players are sent into Sudden Death, than a second 3 minute 1 stock match will be played to decide the winner. Repeat this process until a winner is decided unless a specific move is repeatedly triggering the event. In such case the player who triggered the attack/ability to create a Sudden Death situation would win the game.

Blackout/Unforseen Disconnections: In the case of a unexpected disconnect or circumstance that causes the game to end, pause, or be interrupted it is up to the tournament organizer's discretion along with the approval of both parties.

PR Players are not eligible for top prize.

  • 06/30/2017 - 09/30/2017
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            Reach out to the Head T.O. at the venue on the LooKout days.

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