Shine 2018
Shine 2018
August 24-26 2018200 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Shine 2018



Any user created by 6/1/2018, that is either power ranked in their region on smash.gg or have placed top 128 at one of these tournaments:

  • Genesis 5
  • Smash and Splash 4
  • The Big House 7
  • EVO 2017
  • Frostbite 2018
  • Full Bloom 4
  • Dreamhack Austin
  • GOML 2018

If you meet that requirement, click the button below to customize your page with a fundraising amount and a video with description to tell the community why you should be sent to Shine 2018.

Ineligible players include players already registered for Shine 2018, or Top 20 on the MIOM or PG Rankings.

Twitter Nominations

Nominations will open on July 5th 2PM PST.

Each player who opts in gets a unique page with a tweet button. Tweets from that page earn the player votes. Earn the most votes to be added to the Shine 2018 Compendium. Only 1 tweet per Twitter account will be counted in voting.

Voters can receive additional votes by connecting their Twitter accounts to smash.gg and by following @smashgg!

Compendium Voting

The players with the most nominations from each game will be added to the Shine 2018 Compendium on July 9th at 2pm PST:

2 Players from each:

Melee, Smash 4

1 Player from:

Rivals of Aether

Once one of those levels has been met, the next most nominated player for that game will take their spot. This continues until July 27th, or until there are no remaining players. After July 27th any uncompleted player goals will be locked.

Compendium Goals

These player have been voted into the Compendium! Donations and purchases in the Compendium will contribute to the player of your choice from this list.

Wii U

  • WA
Asking $450
  • AZ
Asking $400
Asking $1000


Asking $1000
Asking $1250

Rivals of Aether

  • BC
Asking $500


Twitter Nominations open July 5th at 2 pm PDT.

Player Nominations will open July 5th 2PM PST! The top 2 players in Melee/Smash 4 and top 1 player in Rivals of Aether will be locked in as a compendium level on July 9th 2PM Time PST.

Last day to opt-in will be July 20th, last day to vote is July 20st, and last day player levels will be donated to is July 27th.

    Connect your Twitter  for 10 nominations
    Please allow 20 minutes for your nomination to update. Only the most recent tweet per Twitter account will be counted in voting.
    • Linus Nordin
    Game: Melee 
    Asking: $900

    Heya! So I suspect a bunch of you don't know me and more importantly you don't know why you should care for me. Well I am Pipsqueak, and i've been playing Melee for 2 years and 7 months now, starting on the 8th of january 2016 and going to my first tournament the 13th of january.

    I was never very good at any other facet of life growing up, School was difficult and unmotivating growing up and I was deeply depressed from an early age until early this year when I burned out. That made me step back and re-evaluate what I wanted out of my life. High stress levels coupled with a growing certainty that I wouldn’t be happy by climbing the corporate ladder and working for money and luxuries made me realise that all I care about is competing in video games, it’s all i’ve ever truly cared about.

    Melee was there for me when no light could be found and it quickly became apparent that my one advantage in life was grit and a very competitive mindset.

    In 2 years and 7 months of play I've entered the top 50 in Europe, become considered a top 10 player in sweden and an up and coming fox player to look out for.

    These achievements mean nothing in comparison to the heights I aim to reach. I saved money for over a year to go to Genesis 5 and while I was saddened by my mediocre performance (ending at 129 it was a valuable tournament experience which convinced me that I am willing to go to any length to become the best player in this silly party game for children.

    I will be streaming 30+ hours a week from now on until heir 5 aiming to win the contract and to get top 32 at Shine the week after.

    I am not the most unique or interesting player there is, nor am I the most talented. But when it comes to dedication and hard labour I am only second to N0ne.

    My goal is to work hard enough that no matter the end result I can say I tried my best and that I don’t have any regrets.

    Please help enable my competitive spirit at Shine 2018. Thank you.

    • Connor Stephenson
    Game: Rivals of Aether 
    Asking: $400

    I love blueberries more than anyone else in the Rivals community, but that may not be the only reason you’d vote for me so let’s back it up a bit and introduce myself. My tag is Sparx21, I’m 17 hailing from Wisconsin, I’m ranked #36 in NA, I’m sponsored by Ice Storm Gaming, and I’m currently the best Elliana main in the world (along with a Kragg that isn’t the best in the world). I also won the first RoA combo contest, I’ve done commentary, helped run online tournaments, and I’ve been an active member for Rivals all the way back since November 2015.

    Lately, I’ve been putting up some especially good results, including 13th at Hyrule Saga, 9th at Smash n’ Splash 4, and 1st place at Push More Buttons 2018. Needless to say, your vote on me wouldn’t be wasted, as it would get me and my Kragg & Elliana action all the way to Top 16, potentially Top 8.

    I don’t like asking for anything, so it would really mean a lot to me if you guys were willing to nominate me for Shine. I can’t do this without you guys, so thank you so much for giving your time to read this! It’s crazy to me to have come this far.

    Free AgentRyan Ford
    • Ryan Ford
    Game: Melee 
    Asking: $800

    This money will be used to fund a rental van to bring out 7 Canadian players including Myself, trulliam, Plat, and Damian Tyson. With same cost as flying out 2 of us, you can get SEVEN solid players at this event! We will also have a Canadian/Ontario Crew for the side event (with n0ne and Moky), so look forward to it 👀

    Game: Melee 
    Asking: $500

    Melee is my passion right now. I might be know for that one guy who's in every stream chat (which is true), I've also worked hard to improve my skill in game. I'm #1 in my home region (Sacramento), #16 on the NorCal Power Rankings, and have a long list of top 100 wins including Spark, Cactuar, Rocky, Tai, and more.

    I've never really been able to afford out of state tournament costs, and that's not by a lack of me trying. I know that if I travel, I can do well. I really want to do better in Melee, and giving me the ability to travel would mean so much to me.

    • David Steinmeyer
    Game: Melee 
    Asking: $300

    Hey everyone! I think I should be nominated because I'm a player who's improving very quickly, but can't showcase it very much because of the unavailability of big tournaments near Tennessee. I've been going to tournaments for almost 2 years. I recently just beat Abate at Smashville 7, and I also placed 33rd at Smash N' Splash 4.

    I would love to use this opportunity to showcase my skill with falcon, and why people should respect Tennessee as a region.

    • Daniel Silva
    Game: Wii U 
    Asking: $250

    I'm DanTheMan, the #1 Charizard main in Pennsylvania and I need your guys' help to get to Shine this year! With Sm4sh ending I am making the effort to go to as many majors as possible to show what this character can do and Shine would be my last one for Sm4sh! The $250 will cover my flight and part of my hotel as I am planning to put my own money towards this! Can't wait to see you all at Shine!

    If you still need convincing however here is a clip of me vs 6wx! https://clips.twitch.tv/PlausibleSpunkyOtterAllenHuhu

    • Zach D.
      Game: Rivals of Aether 
      Asking: $500

      It's me, the other glue guy that's also from Canada. Coming off a 9th place at Hyrule saga I'm looking to prove I can do even better at Shine. I was un-ranked and put in the inactive bosses section of the NA RCS top 50 rankings, but I'm looking to change that this season with more results and wins over top 20+ ranked players. Funds will almost 100% be used for travel and airfare.

      • Travis Porter
      Game: Melee 
      Asking: $500

      I am on a mission to defeat all 13 year old fox mains and ruin their hope and dreams. Cal was the beginning, and now after beating Zamu I need to find more young up and coming fox mains to upset in bracket outside of the midwest and make them hate existing. I also got 25th at Smash N Splash (thanks to like 4 upsets).

      • Erik Smith
      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $350

      Hey guys! I decided to opt-in for Shine, it would be an amazing chance to prove I am capable of performing on a national level. I haven't been able to travel outside of the South Atlantic very much, and this would be my best and last chance to do so before Ultimate comes out, so I am going to try to make it count. After a 13th place at CEO 2018, I am confident that I can keep the ball rolling. Please consider voting for me, and thank you!

      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $250

      One of the fastest rising threats at majors, taking sets off Captain Zack, Ally, Cosmos, Raito, Ned, and multiple sets off WaDi at locals. Also I beat Seagull Joe, and he beat ZeRo.

      • Ash Duchesneau
      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $400

      no need for intros, I'll just let the raw facts do all the talking for themselves. I'll be brief. top pnw player above/alongside the likes of girthquake and dare2dream, was ranked #1 in washington over konga last season but zss sucks and im bad so now im #2 instead. i've never traveled in my life and so this would be the only way to travel before this game dies. last time i fought against oor/went to my only pgr event i took both dabuz and anti to game 5 (last hit with dabuz) with pro controller fuck im nuts. oh also i brought dabuz to last game at another local. oh also im not a bayo solo main, I play many characters in relevant brackets, in fact bayo isnt even my most played bracket character in the slightest. as seen from my stylish ways and charming playstyle im the hype bayo i pull off tubular maneuvers with her in order to acquire stocks. basically i want to go to shine because i never got the opportunity to travel even once in smash 4's lifetime. <333

      • Aidan Alvarez
      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $500

      Hey everyone, I'm a 15 year old smash 4 player currently ranked #6 in NY. I have solid wins over players such as ANTi, Komorikiri, Mr. E, 6WX, Vinnie, and many others. I've done very well in Tristate, beating essentially all of the competition here. I consider myself to be a very competent player, and a national threat if given the opportunity to travel. This compendium would be paying for both myself and a parent, as I wouldn't be allowed to travel alone yet.

      SDS | EVA^XzibitA
      • Connor Richards
      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $400

      Nobody wants to read a giant paragraph here, so I'm going to make this short and sweet.

      • Hidden Boss - PR'd in Indiana despite low activity (just graduated from law school), with a pile of PR wins on nearly every state in the Midwest.

      • Commentary - High-level commentary and analysis working with a variety of partners, most recently Top 8 at Full Bloom 4.

      • Hype - Flashy Ryu combos, popoffs, animated in the crowd, and strong on the mic.

      Hope that makes you want to learn more about me, and give me a shot to travel to my first major out of region major!

      If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Twitch, or Discord. I'm a mod and soon-to-be admin of the Ryu Discord.

      • Zaid Ali
      Game: Melee 
      Asking: $400

      Hi guys! Money is rough for me at the moment, so something like this would help me out a ton. In NorCal, almost all PR players don't attend locals, so I really need to travel to get more experience.

      I'm a speedy sheik who loves vanish combos! examples: https://clips.twitch.tv/VastBraveWaterBloodTrail https://gfycat.com/FloweryLividEland https://clips.twitch.tv/SpineyHappyPeppermintArsonNoSexy https://clips.twitch.tv/FreezingBigCoffeePastaThat https://clips.twitch.tv/SpunkySarcasticSpiderANELE

      In the past year, I have wins over Westballz twice, Cactuar, Chillin, dizzkidboogie, Captain Smuckers, Zhu, Kage, Squid, Bobby Frizz, and more.

      • Gavin Bechtold
      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $775

      Greetings, everyone. This is Wisdom. Power Ranked Duck Hunt from the Kansas City area. After competing more and more, I have found the desire to attend more tournaments than ever. I love playing Smash, whether it be Melee or Wii U (though, I'm admittedly much better at Wii U than Melee.) I found this opportunity to try and get myself into Shine 2018 with the help from whoever is reading this. I need your help to get nominated, so that I can attend, and try to make Duck Hunt shine even further. I'm training nearly every day, and I'm getting better and better. Here are some statistics:

      -Top 32 at Smash n Splash 4

      -Top 32 at King of the Springs 3

      -Wins on MJG, JJROCKETS, and Maister.

      -Top 10 player in Kansas City.

      Please help out as much as you can by voting for me! I'm asking for $775 to fly to Boston, attend the tournament, and then back home. Thank you very much for reading this, and I hope for your support.

      • Dakota Nguyen
      Game: Wii U 
      Asking: $150

      I am a top Lucas player(notably 2nd best Lucas in the United States closely behind Mekos) with notable Ness and Corrin secondaries and I really don't need much money. I have been to several majors and gotten 49th at CEO and Hyrule Saga with 17th at MomoCon. I have what it takes to compete with the best, taken Salem to game 3 at CEO. I am 6th in Georgia with taken sets off of Fatality, ScAtt, Sonido, Ryo, Salt One, Darkshad, Chag, Blank, Rfang, Eldin, Bennyandthejets, and more players. If you want to see more Lucas, please consider me!

      • Gabe O'Reilly
        Game: Rivals of Aether 
        Asking: $1300

        Oh hey look, it's ya boy back again for another shine compendium. A lot of you know who I am, but for those that don't allow me to share some of the highlights of my Shine 2017 trip, many of which I hope to do again:

        • I once beat both Dan and Trevor in melee
        • got KBBQ with Etalus and Trevor, where they gave me info on unreleased characters
        • walked around NYC in a skirt and things
        • drank Arizona Iced Tea with some of the finest RoA players out there
        • ruffles CakeAssault's hair and said "Atta boy"
        • lost my last $1 bill in a money match to LBO
        • met the (at the time) president of the USA, Ronald McDonald
        • got an uber with driver that had the authentic BAWSTON accent
        • did some commentary with both CREATOR dan and ya boy Goerge, proving to thousands that dreams do come true for game developers
        • found good coffee in NYC (probs the hardest thing I did)
        • refused devils lettuce by a fellow pro gamer
        • touched the moustache of riskyCB (with his permission)
        • saw turquoise rip the phatest vape you've ever seen, from the comfort of my AirBnB
        • And finally, made Toko a nice, home cooked meal

        While of course I did more than just this, I still want to add to this list, so I hope you'll vote for me. God bless you all!

        PSCaptain Faceroll
        • Griffin Williams
        Game: Melee 
        Asking: $450.00

        Money has been tight lately and I can't go to nationals without some help. Shine is consistently one of the best nationals and I'd love to go.

        I have wins over people like S2J, Lucky, Westballz, AbsentPage, ARMY, and Slox in recent history.

        I'm the fastest sheik that isn't plup :)

        • Corey Jackson
          Game: Rivals of Aether 
          Asking: $450

          Hello guys grace here. It would be awesome if I could attend Shine as it would be my first offline event. So if you guys want to see me go ham with etalus then help me out please.

          • Eric Teneyck
          Game: Rivals of Aether 
          Asking: $350

          Hey there! I'm Rhylam, owner of Windows sponsor Arctic Fury! I'm #5 in Ohio Rivals, and I believe that I have what it takes to compete with the best! I would love to have this opportunity to try and prove myself!

          T2Lord Bagel
          • Mathew Lapierre
          Game: Rivals of Aether 
          Asking: $300

          It's me, the glue guy. I'm currently a top 20 player with multiple top 10 wins this season and a 5th place finish at Hyrule saga, Smash n Splash and Frostbite. Usually my strategy to save up for traveling is to live off ramen and water for like a month so not needing to do that would be pretty cool!

          • Forrest Griffin
          Game: Rivals of Aether 
          Asking: $275


          will put my all into rivals and melee, will hopefully be the return of me competing for good. i will put all the time i'm putting into fortnite into rivals/melee so basically if i'm not the best player in those games in a few months i should be ashamed. also i'm also the only cool rivals player lol

          • Roberto Iglesias
          Game: Melee 
          Asking: $700

          Just because I love Smash (?) I wanna start going to US tournaments more often, in my last tournament (Omega II) I I beat Slox and Rishi and I took Zain to last match last stock, now I need another to win. Please let this poor PAL Sheik enjoy the nice tech chases again <3

          • Josiah Aguilar
          Game: Rivals of Aether 
          Asking: $300

          Your favorite Kragg player. Whoever donates I will show their name on my tag in stream matches <3 Money right now has been tight due to unreliable income as well. Asking amount is set pretty low because my sponsor helps out as well <3. Every bit helps. Thank you everyone I appreciate all of you


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