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Smash Summit 2
April 21st-25th 2016Los Angeles, CA


A special event from Beyond The Summit

  • $10,000+ Invitational Prize Pool
  • 4 days of friendlies, interviews, and fan interaction
  • Unique gameplay challenges plus special appearances
  • and much more

6 Players Chosen by YOU!


SSBM Rank Top 50

Genesis 3 Top 32

Big House 5 Top 32

Eligible players can opt-in to receive Twitter Nominations. A total of 61 players are eligible, with 10 of them already invited.

Twitter Nominations

Each player receives a unique Tweet button.
Every Tweet counts as a vote, limit 1 per Twitter account. To gain more votes, be sure to follow @smashgg and @beyondthesummit!

The 15 players with the most Twitter nominations progress to the Voting phase.

Voting + Shop

6 players will be selected over 3 rounds of voting, with each round resulting in 2 selections.

Free votes are awarded for activity on smashgg, including tournament attendees, ranking submissions, Fantasy players, shop or donation drive purchasers, and more!

Nominations end March 24th at 7 pm PDT

The voting round has begun. Click here to vote!

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About Beyond The Summit

Beyond the Summit (BTS) is a new-media company based out of Los Angeles, California that creates and broadcasts high-quality eSports content. Formed under the premise of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in an online broadcast, BTS has been one of the most successful and innovative eSports studios to date.