Smash Summit 7
Smash Summit 7
November 15-18 2018Los Angeles, CA, USA

Smash Summit 7

  • 4 days of friendlies, interviews, and fan interaction
  • Unique gameplay challenges plus special appearances
  • And much more


Eligible players for voting include:

top 100 SSBMRank 2017, top 50 SSBMRank Summer 2018, top 32 GOML 2018, top 32 SnS4, top 32 CEO 2018, top 16 LTC6, top 64 Evo 2018, top 32 SSC 2018, top 16 Heir 5, top 32 Shine 2018, and top 32 TBH8

11 players are invited including 8 selected by Beyond the Summit, the top 2 placing non-invited players at The Big House 8 and the top placing non-invited player at The Mango 2

Twitter Nominations

Nominations will open on Thursday (10/11) at 12pm PDT.

Each player receives a unique Tweet button.

Every Tweet counts as a vote, limit 1 per Twitter account. To gain more votes, be sure to follow @smashgg and @BTSsmash!

The 20 players with the most Twitter nominations progress to the Voting phase (starts Tuesday (10/16)) at 2pm PDT

Voting + Shop

5 players will be selected over 3 rounds of voting:

  • 10/16/18 2pm PDT: Voting starts
  • 10/17/18 2pm PDT: Bottom 4 players eliminated
  • 10/18/18 2pm PDT: Bottom 4 players eliminated
  • 10/20/18 2pm PDT: Bottom 3 players eliminated and top player invited
  • 10/22/18 2pm PDT: Bottom 2 players eliminated and top 2 players invited
  • 10/24/18 2pm PDT: Bottom 2 players eliminated and top 2 players invited


Twitter Nominations open October 11th at 12 pm PDT.

Participants in this year’s Smash Summit campaign must adhere to all of the Twitch Community Guidelines.

Please be reasonable and safe when campaigning to avoid getting suspended on Twitch or any other platform.

In addition, those that are eliminated from the voting phase will receive a portion of the funds raised through voting relative to the singles prize pool. This amount will not exceed the amount earned from 13th place in singles at Smash Summit 7.

    No players have opted in yet

    11 Invited Players

    Beyond the Summit has invited 11 of the top Melee players

    FOX MVGMew2King
    • Jason Zimmerman
    • FL United States
    • Juan Debiedma
    • FL United States
    • justin hallett
    • FL United States
    • Zachary Cordoni
    • CA (NorCal) United States
    • Justin McGrath
    • FL United States
    • Jeffrey Williamson
    • AZ United States
    • Connor Lamb
    • TX United States
    • Masaya Chikamoto
    • Japan
    • Joseph Marquez
    • CA (SoCal)
    • William Hjelte
    • Sweden
    • Zain Naghmi
    • VA United States

    About Beyond The Summit

    Beyond the Summit is an esports production company focused on creating unique and authentic events, shows, and content.