TSEA Link Melee 2
TSEA Link Melee 2
December 17, 2017Academielaan 5, 5037 ET Tilburg, Netherlands

Date - Sunday 17th of December 2017

Place - Tilburg University Sport Centre, Academielaan 5, Tilburg

Events – SSBM Singles, SSBM Doubles, SSBM Amateurs, SSBM Last Man Standing

Both SSBM Singles and SSBM Doubles will be played in a Double Elimination bracket format. Last Man Standing is a 1 stock, single elimination bracket for which we will do sign ups at the event itself.

Venue Fee – € 2*

*You will receive a discount of €1 on the venue fee for every piece of equipment (CRT or setup with unmodded PAL Melee) you bring with you.

It costs € 5 to enter an event. The money raised by an event will be added to a pot for that specific event.

Sign up

This time registration will be capped at 128 entrants. It is mandatory to register for this event. To sign up for this tournament you can visit our smash.gg page www.smash.gg/tsea2 . Sign up will close on wednesday December 13th. Payments will be handled at the event itself in cash.

Additional info

There are a few free parking spaces around the venue. You can drive really close to the venue to unload your CRT(s). The venue is also easily accessible by public transport. You can walk from train station Tilburg Universiteit (5 minute walk) or take the bus from Tilburg Central Station to bus stop Prof. Cobbehagenlaan.

Time schedule:

Venue open 10:00

Start Melee Doubles 11:00

Start Melee Singles 13:00

Last Man Standing after Melee Singles bracket is done

Vemue closes 20:00

Players are expected to bring their own controllers.

Make sure to label or mark every object of value you intend to take with you to the venue.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to MissionCompleteSmash@gmail.com