Upcoming Attendees: 201-500 Attendees: 501-1000 Attendees: 1001+
June 23rd-24th 2018
Long Beach, CA1,016 Attendees
This is but one of the sagas of which the people speak... Celebrating the Legend of Zelda series, 2GG is proud to bring you **Hyrule Saga!** Not only will this event have an emphasis on the Zelda aspect of the Smash series, we will also be providing various events and activities inspired by the franchise itself plus ARMS and Rivals of Aether! [Hyrule Saga is officially partnered with Nintendo!](https://twitter.com/2GGaming/status/996103368434008066) **Date & Location** * Date: June 23-24, 2018 * Location: Thunder Studios * Address: 20434 S Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810 ** Events ** * Smash 4 Singles* * Smash 4 Doubles* * Rivals of Aether with $2,000 Pot Bonus * ARMS capped at 64 entrants (Saturday Only) * Squad Assault **FREE** * Smash Ladder **FREE** * [Smash Sisters](https://goo.gl/zT2qnv) *You are not restricted to using Zelda characters only, every character is allowed! **Activities** This event will be more than just a Smash event. Many activities related to Zelda will be announced as we get closer to the event! * Live Concert by Normal Activity * Free Play * Tabletop Gaming and Settlers of Catan by [Fire & Dice](https://www.facebook.com/fadgames/) * Cosplay Gathering (Free swag for everyone who cosplay) * Meet & Greet * Scavenger Hunt * Raffle & Giveaway * Vendor & Artist Marketplace * Food, Snacks, & Drinks **Registration** * ~~$30: **Early Bird Registration** - (1/22/18 - 2/28/18)~~ * ~~$35: **Main Registration** - (3/1/18 - 4/2/18)~~ * ~~$40: **Late Registration** - (4/3/18 - 5/14/18)~~ * $45: **Emergency Registration** - (5/15/18 - 6/11/18) * $50: **Last Chance Registration** - (6/12/18 - 6/18/18) * $30: **Switch Pass** (Allows you to enter ARMS only) Spectator Pass * $20: **One Day Spectator Pass** (In Person Only) * $30: **Weekend Spectator Pass** **Note:** Spectator Pass will be available for purchase at the door as one day and weekend pass. **Schedule (Tentative)** ![](https://i.imgur.com/hbbBXFz.png) **Broadcast** [2GGAMING](https://www.twitch.tv/2ggaming) [RivalsOfAether](https://www.twitch.tv/RivalsofAether) **Forms** [Volunteer](https://goo.gl/forms/tKDjykWCt2omd3dg1) ~~Commentary~~ ~~Media~~ ~~Vendors & Artist~~ **Food and Drinks** Outside food and drinks are not allow at Thunder Studios. Foods, snacks, and drinks will be sold during the event. Outside water bottle are allow. ** Refund Policy** Refunds must be requested at by June 11th. If you paid for doubles and don't have a team by the event, you'll be given a $10 credit for a future 2GG event. **Recommended Hotels** Main Hotel [Homewood Hotel](https://www.expedia.com/Los-Angeles-Hotels-Homewood-Long-Beach-Airport.h19899220.Hotel-Information?adults=4&children=0&chkin=06%2F22%2F2018&chkout=06%2F25%2F2018&star=30&sort=price&hwrqCacheKey=67b583f9-964d-4b3b-a7f1-a74813e6f9ecHWRQ1526798711860&cancellable=false&regionId=0&vip=false&=undefined&exp_dp=207.42&exp_ts=1526798711874&exp_curr=USD&swpToggleOn=true&exp_pg=HSR&daysInFuture=&stayLength=&ts=1526798733889) [Hampton Inn](https://www.kayak.com/hotelreservation?searchID=pDkHAAdaJ&resultID=3004001&clickId=25ugitBuT52_SkczI%24O_gg&ProvidedByCode=50&searchTime=1527986469908&HotelId=3004001&shid=763191&CheckInDate=06%2F22%2F2018&CheckOutDate=06%2F25%2F2018&NumRooms=1&NumGuests=4&NumChildren=0&roomTypeCode=202228813&totalPrice=181.48&basePrice=157.82&curr=USD&rateCode=211368873&nativeRoomId=202228813_211368873&_kw_pbranded=true) [Willow Tree Inn](https://www.kayak.com/mshotelreservation?providerId=13&clickId=WK%24HZMtzTpOJSf8trcA2EQ&searchId=HAkHP5H0A&hid=462686&rooms=1&guests=4&checkinDate=2018-06-22&checkoutDate=2018-06-25&nativeRoomId=5969202_95169993_4_1_0&totalPrice=153.25&basePrice=136.67&curr=USD&NumChildren=0&_kw_pbranded=true) [LA Crystal Hotel](https://www.kayak.com/mshotelreservation?providerId=13&clickId=ll2xCXWdNqosRDKVM4NHCg&searchId=eDEFDRIEk&hid=39664&rooms=1&guests=4&checkinDate=2018-06-22&checkoutDate=2018-06-25&nativeRoomId=119408606_109560803_0_0_0&totalPrice=97.47&basePrice=90.67&curr=USD&_kw_pbranded=true) ~~The Cove Hotel~~ ~~Flamingo Inn~~ **Airport** * LGB (Long Beach Airport) - 10 Minutes from Thunder Esport Center * LAX (Los Angeles Airport) - 20 Minutes from Thunder Esport Center * SNA (John Wayne Airport) - 30 Minutes from Thunder Esport Center
Talking Stick Resort presents its 4th Esports Tournament for the Arizona Fighting Game Community! Contestants will face off in Melee Singles, Melee Doubles, Smash 4, Street Fighter V, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. This event will take place at The Showroom - Talking Stick Resort's premier event and performance venue! With two floors, 2,000 square feet of space, a massive stage, production-quality lighting and effects, two bars on-site, and the casino floor right outside, this will be a tournament experience to remember! **Must be 18 years or older.** **Costs:** Venue: $15 Melee Singles: $10 Melee Doubles: $5 Dragon Ball FighterZ Singles: $10 Street Fighter V Singles: $10 *Note: Spectating is free.* # Event Schedule (subject to change): ### Smash Schedule: Doors Open: 9:30 am Melee Doubles Begin: 10 am Melee Doubles Finish: 1 pm Melee Wave 1 Singles Begin: 12:30 pm Melee Wave 2 Singles: 2:00 pm Melee Top 32 Begins: 4:00 pm Melee Top 8 Begins: 6:30 pm Event Finishes: 9 pm Streamed at: https://www.twitch.tv/battleseries ### Street Fighter V Schedule: Doors Open: 9:30 AM Pools 1-2: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM Pools 3-4: 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM Finals Top 8: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Event Finishes: 9:00 PM Streamed at: https://www.twitch.tv/ultesports Follow us on twitter at: https://twitter.com/battleseriesgg
+ Type: Online + Region: NA + Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/ZachZeroYT The Next Gen is a YouTube/Gaming group that holds online tournaments and events led by Zach Zero and Lockenuz. The time of the tournament will be 3:00 P.M. Eastern, which is when the Stream starts. The Discord link is: https://discordapp.com/invite/KR3nkNH

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