Upcoming Attendees: 201-500 Attendees: 501-1000 Attendees: 1001+
01/27/2018 - 03/26/2018
Welcome to Sol League Season 2! Nexus Gaming and Sol Esports are proud to bring you the second installment of the Sol League. This event will be split into 3 parts: Open Qualifier, League Play, and Grand Finals, spanning 6 total weeks. The Open Qualifier is open to all PC players within North America. It will consist of a double elimination bracket with all matches being best-of-three. The top 32 teams from the qualifier will progress to League Play. League Play will consist of a Round-Robin bracket that is split over a 4-5 week period. The 32 qualifying teams will be divided into 4 pools of 8 teams each. At the conclusion of League Play, the top 4 teams in each pool will compete in the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals will be a double elimination bracket. The top 16 teams from League Play will be seeded into the bracket based on their performance within their respective pool. All tournament support and coordination will be done through the Nexus Gaming discord: https://discord.gg/nexus Our broadcast of the tournament will be streamed live at https://www.twitch.tv/nexusgaming Teams and players are also welcome to join the Sol eSports discord to meet and talk with other teams participating in the tournament. https://discord.gg/E5Pe3c7 The base prize pool for SOL League Season 2 is $2,500 that will be split between the winners. Additional donations can be crowdfunded through our Matcherino page: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9508/
February 3rd-25th 2018
Fighting Games Generations – F2G y Bandai Namco tienen preparado para todos los jugadores “Chile Cup”, el primer torneo oficial de “Dragon Ball FighterZ”. Este es el nuevo desafío en el cual podrás medir tus habilidades como luchador y ganar los grandes premios que Bandai Namco tiene para ti, de los cuales uno es un viaje a las Vegas, USA para en el mundial fighting games, EVO 2018.
02/17/2018 - 08/10/2018
**Welcome to Season 5 of the Rocket League Championship Series!** This is the official Smash.gg page of the Open Qualifiers, Rival Series, League Play, and World Championship. **__Open Qualifier Dates:__** **North America** - [February 17](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/na-open-qualifier-1-schedule/), [February 24](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/na-open-qualifier-2-schedule/), [February 27](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/na-open-qualifier-3-schedule/), [March 3](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/na-open-qualifier-4-schedule/) **Europe** - [February 18](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/eu-open-qualifier-1-schedule/), [February 25](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/eu-open-qualifier-2-schedule/), [February 28](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/eu-open-qualifier-3-schedule/), [March 4](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/eu-open-qualifier-4-schedule/) [**Europe Open Qualifier Schedules**](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/europe-open-qualifier-schedules/) [**North America Open Qualifier Schedules**](https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/north-america-open-qualifier-schedules/) Official Rules: https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/rules/ Frequently Asked Questions: http://bit.ly/2rwT30i For any questions or concerns, please email `RLCSAdmin@psyonix.com`
Registration Open February 24th, 2018
College Station’s premiere TOs have returned with vengeance, and a burning desire to make sure everyone has even less fun than they did at NFA. We’re thrilled to announce the 2nd iteration of the No Fun Allowed series, No Fun Allowed 2! This event will be bigger, better, and even less fun than NFA. Make sure to register soon as all games are capped. NOTICE: In order to participate in this event, YOU MUST REGISTER ON SMASH.GG There will be no on site registration. Spectator passes will be available for guests. No Fun Allowed 2 will host the following events: - Melee Singles ($10) - Melee Doubles ($10/person) - Smash 4 Singles ($10) - Smash 4 Doubles ($10/Person) - Project M Singles ($10) - Project M Doubles ($10) - Smash 64 Singles ($10) All entrants will be limited to (2) Singles events, and (1) Doubles event. We will also be charging a venue fee. If you bring a FULL setup, your venue fee will be discounted by $5. What constitutes a full setup? - For Smash 4: Electronic or physical copy of Smash for the Wii U v1.1.6, Wii U, Monitor, GC Adapter, ALL DLC Characters and legal stages - For Melee: Gamecube or Wii, Copy of VANILLA MELEE (20XX Will not be allowed), CRT (HD TVs will be rejected). - For Project M: CRT, Wii U, Updated Project M game (3.6) - For Smash 64: CRT, Nintendo 64, EverDrive 64 cartridge or original Smash Bros. cartridge Smash for Wii U Ruleset: NFA 2 will be following EVO 2017's ruleset. EVO's ruleset can be found at the bottom of the webpage on the following http://evo.shoryuken.com/additional-rules/ HOUSING: College Station is known to be one of the friendliest and most hospitable cities in Texas. There should be no trouble when it comes to finding a place to stay overnight. More information to coordinate housing will be added closer to the event, so stay tuned! Register for NFA 2 at smash.gg/nfa2 NOTE: You and your teammate must confirm each other when registering for doubles on smash.gg. If you do not confirm, the team will not be able to compete. Event schedule: TBA

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