Upcoming Attendees: 201-500 Attendees: 501-1000 Attendees: 1001+
02/17/2018 - 08/10/2018
**Welcome to Season 5 of the Rocket League Championship Series!** This is the official Smash.gg page of the Open Qualifiers, Rival Series, League Play, and World Championship. **Thank you to all teams that participated in the Open Qualifiers!** Catch us for the **Rival Series Play-In**, which will begin Saturday, March 10th on https://twitch.tv/rocketleague! Official Rules: https://www.rocketleagueesports.com/rules/ Frequently Asked Questions: http://bit.ly/2rwT30i For any questions or concerns, please email `RLCSAdmin@psyonix.com`
02/26/2018 - 05/20/2018
Auckland, Auckland518 Attendees
The National High School League of Legends Championship for New Zealand
Get ready to start your journey on the road to the RLCS World Championship. The Rocket League OCE Championship is back, with a monumental total RLCS Prize Pool of $500,000, the OCE Championship provides the opportunity to win part of $25,000 USD and the top 2 teams will end up at the RLCS World Championship. **Open Qualifier begins Sunday Mar 4, 11AM AEDT** Two teams are invited from the last OCE Championship: - Chiefs ESC - Tainted Minds (former Pale Horse) The Qualifiers will play out over two weekends and give you the chance to play for one of 6 League Play positions still available! ## Schedule - **Open Qualifier:** Mar 4 - 11AM AEDT, Unlimited teams - **Top 16 Qualifier:** Mar 11 - 11AM AEDT, 16 teams - **League Play:** Mar 18 - Apr 15, Top 8 teams - **Top 6 Playoffs** Apr 22, Top 6 teams - **Finals:** May 6, Top 4 teams
Registration Open 04/11/2018 - 06/18/2018
## Battlerite Pro League Stunlock Studios, Twitch, and Nexon are proud to announce the debut of the Battlerite Pro League, the game’s official competitive circuit. Battlerite Pro League, Season 1 will feature a showdown of the best-of-the-best in Europe, North America, South America and Korea with sign-ups starting on April 12th. Each team will battle its way to the top in order to prove who is the best as they compete for a slice of an $80,000 prize pool, including more than $25,000 in the LAN finale prize pool. ### [Website](https://www.bpl.gg) **Schedule for European Qualifiers** **April 12th 7PM CEST** **April 13th 7PM CEST** **April 14th 4PM CEST** **April 15th 7PM CEST**

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