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Registration Open September 21st, 2018
Las Vegas, NV51 Attendees
Registration Open September 29th, 2018
====================================== # **Eligible Regions** **East Asia: Event 2 Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea** **Registration ends September 28 at 9AM JST Tournament starts on September 28 at 10AM JST** ====================================== Compete with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players from your region and obtain Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Points to boost your standings on both the Regional and Global Leaderboards! Players who place in the top 8 will be awarded points. For more information and full ruleset, visit https://capcomprotour.com Learn how to sign up, communicate, and trouble shoot tournaments by utilizing Level Up’s Online Tournament Process Guide at https://bit.ly/cpto2018 For additional assistance, reach out to our Capcom Pro Tour Online admins on Discord at https://discord.gg/zmUSuby

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