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Tremblay-en-France, Île-de-France12 Attendees
*Here is the first Brawlhalla tournament of the HunieFight clan* :** HF : Path of Heroes !** *__Exclusive EU 1v1 tournament__, starts on the 23rd of June, at 2:00 pm (GMT + 02:00).*
June 23rd, 2018
Anoka, MN44 Attendees
This will be the second tournament in the series, ANC Monthlies. You can submit which games you want to see in the tournament at https://goo.gl/forms/UYZI4hZOBMS1B8nH3. The Discord link is at https://discord.gg/YZJzeMW (It is highly recommended to join the discord to get reminded) 11:00 AM - Brawlhalla Doubles/Wii U Doubles 12:00 PM - Melee Singles 12:30 PM - Mario Tennis Aces 1:00 PM - Brawlhalla Singles 2:00 PM - Wii U Singles 3:00 PM - Injustice 2 All Times are on EST

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