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Registration Open December 15th-17th 2018
Come one, come all! Well it's finally here, reporting for you, if you know the words, you can join in free! Put your hands together, if you wanna clap, as we take you to BotB 3, HOO! Spikezillian presents: Bottom of the Barrel 3! **Date is still TBA**! **Viable characters**: https://imgur.com/PRSH4yV.png Spikezillian has a discord where all of the Smash 4 tournament discussion and further announcements will be held! Check the discord here: https://discord.gg/4g4vajQ Want to play in a **FREE online NA tournament**, powered by Smash GG? We'd love to have you take on the challenge as Spikezillian and DSS brings you a Smash 4 tournament, all online! **Rules are here for WiiU**: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SHcoinZ2AG8bs6TIe88XH7dvHJ8gEato-FsxkAC7128/edit?usp=sharing **Rules for Smash Switch will be available closer to launch. Subject to change.**

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