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Registration Open December 14th-16th 2018
This tournament series features games in the Super Smash Bros. series as well as various fighting games and other titles. Players and spectators of all skill levels are welcome to participate. The event is hosted by Smash Finland ry, Academic Nintendo Club ry and Turun taistelupelaajat ry. Special thanks to the staff at Turku Game Hub for letting us use the venue for the weekend! ### What's new? - Early bird pricing: those who register before June 4th will receive a discount on their venue fee (see pricing section for details). - Ever wanted to play more tournament matches after the bracket is over? We are trying out ladder tournaments in both Smash WiiU and Melee! - Pokemon VGC tournament on Sunday! This will be an unofficial tournament, but we are looking into turning it into a sanctioned one, which would make it official. Official VGC ruleset will be used either way. - Changes to the Smash WiiU ruleset (see rules section for details). ### Venue and sleeping arrangements Turku Game Hub is the home of gaming studios and various other startups in Turku. It is also close to the center of the city and all relevant bus and train stops. We would like to note that unfortunately this time we don't have access to showers at the venue. https://www.facebook.com/TurkuGameHub/ - Detailed map with bus and train stops: https://goo.gl/ucMhjJ - The venue is located on the 3rd floor of the PharmaCity building. Entrance is on the first floor at the C-entrance, which is located at the back of the building. - Attendees are allowed to sleep at the venue from Friday to Sunday (the venue does not provide any mattresses. Those who wish to sleep at the venue are advised to bring whatever they need for sleeping.) - 50m to the nearest grocery store - Coffee, cocoa and tea available for free - Kitchen with fridges and a microwave oven Additionally, we would like to inform the participants that the following rules should be followed by everyone and will be enforced by tournament staff: - No alcohol, cigarettes or intoxicating substances are allowed at the venue. Intoxicated participants will not be allowed to enter the venue. - No pets allowed at the venue. ### Schedule Friday - 16:00 doors open - 18:00 Melee doubles - 19:00 Melee singles - 22:00 Brawl singles Saturday - 12:00 WiiU singles - 18:00 WiiU singles bracket Sunday - 12:00 Pokemon VGC and Magic the Gathering Draft - 18:00 venue closes and the event ends ### setups for Smash WiiU, Melee and various fighting games will be available for freeplay all weekend. ### Ladder events in Melee and Smash WiiU - Melee ladder is open from 12:00 to 16:00 on Saturday. - Smash WiiU ladder starts at around 19:00 on Saturday, when half of the bracket has been played out. After that point it will be open for 4 hours. ### Pricing Venue fee: ### register before December 4th to receive a discount on your venue fee! Early bird venue fee is 5€. ordinary prices: - 7€ for members of Smash Finland ry, Academic Nintendo Club ry, or Turun taistelupelaajat ry - 10€ for others Tournament fees - Melee singles, WiiU singles and Pokemon VGC: 5€ - other tournaments: 3€ (doubles tournaments 3€/player) - Magic The Gathering draft: 15€ (includes venue fee, 3 boosters + prize boosters) All fees are to be paid in cash upon entering the venue. ### Streams - Smash for WiiU and Melee: https://www.twitch.tv/smashfinland We would love to hear any and all feedback from previous events to improve the next one. You can reach us at our Discord server: https://discord.gg/stNQujj or via Twitter (see contact section for details). See you at the event! -Koneistamo TO team
Registration Open December 14th, 2018
Ciudad Madero, Tamps.30 Attendees
Registration Open December 14th-15th 2018
Evansville, IN29 Attendees

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