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Registration Open 03/24/2018 - 05/05/2018
# FLAME GAMING LEAGUE Rocket league switch,and pc. Get ready for a giant league for a prize pool $15 worth of items over a time period of 43 days of qualifiers and league play for the best teams to compete. The top 12 from the qualifiers will fight it out in a long and brutal league play. Then the top 6 of those will fight it out to get the final prize! **MAKE SURE TO SIGN-UP TODAY**
Registration Open April 1st-29th 2018
A month long ladder dedicated to the Plats and below!
Registration Open 04/10/2018 - 05/01/2018
# Primal League Primal League is a 2 tier system to help the grassroots of our community continue to grow and play at a high level during the off-season of RLRS play-ins. ## League Play The upper tier is the league where 32 teams are split into 4 groups, **8 teams each**, to compete in a double round robin where the series are **best of 5s** throughout the season to gain points to make it to the season Finale that takes the top 4 teams of each group, **16 teams**, and puts them against each other in a double elimination tournament. ## Open Tournament The lower tier is the open single elimination tournament. Any and all teams are welcome to play in this tournament to gain points through wins, series wins, and placement in top 3 of the tournament. At the end of the season, **3 tournaments will be played**, points will be tallied and the top 4 auto-qualify for league play and 5th place through 8th place get to play in the relegation/promotional tournament to have a shot in joining the league play. ## Relegation and Promotion Tournament **The bottom 1 of each group will be auto-relegated** while the team 2nd from the bottom of each group will be sent to relegation/promotion matches to compete against the 5th-8th teams in points from the open tournament at the end of the season. **Top 4 from the open tournament in points auto-qualify for the new league!**
Registration Open 04/10/2018 - 08/31/2018
Welcome to Arrow League!
Registration Open 04/14/2018 - 05/14/2018
1v1 Ladder - The College Carball Spring Ladder is a 30-day free-for-all. After this period, the top four players will battle it out on stream for the role-title of CCA Spring King and their share of the $150 prizepool. Strength and determination are needed to reach the top, and tenacity and consistency are required to defend it from challengers. Do you have what it takes? Welcome to the CCA Spring Thing-a-ma-jing. 3v3 Ladder - Teams now have the opportunity to queue into a scrimmage.

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