Online Name: RG
It's time for another Rewind Gaming Weekly! As usual there's a prize pool for the winning team, so grab your friends, sign up, and get ready for an awesome night. Our tournaments are free to enter and anyone can join, regardless of skill/rank. We have a huge range of players entering our events, so however good you are we can guarantee you'll get some great match-ups! ### Registration closes: 6:00pm BST ### Tournament starts: 6:30pm BST Drop us a follow on [**Twitter**](http://twitter.com/RewindRL) (@RewindRL) to stay on the ball with our events. If you decide not to play this time round, we'd love to see you on our [**Twitch**](http://twitch.com/RewindRL) stream. **Feeling generous? Help us fund this tournament by heading to our [Matcherino page](https://matcherino.com/tournaments/11129) and donate!**

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