Immortal Tech Ft. Liquid Salem, Marss, MVG | Light, Dark Wizzy, -$1000 Pot Bonus Thumbnail
Immortal Tech Ft. Liquid Salem, Marss, MVG | Light, Dark Wizzy, -$1000 Pot Bonus
April 28th, 2018Albany, NY

Immortal Tech - Albany, NY Regional

Immortal Tech is the first Smash 4 regional of the year for Capital Region, NY! We have an incredibly dedicated team working towards making this an awesome experience for everyone. We’re extremely lucky to be able to host this event in the venue we have, so this is one event you’re not going to want to miss!

Date & Location

Date: Saturday, April 28th

Location: Lucky Strikes in Crossgates Mall

Address: 1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203, USA


This Event is Capped at 128 players

Pot Bonus

Singles $700/Doubles $200

Smash 4 Singles

Smash 4 Doubles




Registration will be open until April 25th. There will be no day of registering. Preliminary pools will be announce on April 27th. Paying at the door will be available but register soon to make sure you get those early bird prices!!

Price Schedule

(These prices will include a one time buffet style of finger foods.)

Early Bird: $35 - February 5th - March 5th 2018

$40 - March 6th - April 13th 2018

$50 - April 14th - April 25th

Tournament Entry fee

Smash 4 Singles: $10

Smash 4 Doubles: $10 per team ($5 per teammate)


Venue Opens - 11:00 AM

Doubles Registration ends - 12:30PM.

Doubles Starts - 1:00PM.

Singles Check in ends - 2:30PM.

Singles Starts - 3:00PM


Mike Crossman - Twitter @ClaimtoFameCEO

Tony Crossman - Twitter @Katotanski

Dan Schelde - Twitter @iscariotx13

Jason Gwenden (MoneyMitsu) - Twitter @MoneyMitsu

Brandon Dutcher (Rucent) - Twitter: @rucentt

Rob Deeb (Grunk) - Twitter: @deebr97

Contact us if you need anything, know you’re going to be a tad late, or need help finding the place. We’ll stay on top of any needs or concerns.



Immortal Tech FAQ

Pre-registering for brackets/bracket fees:

You may have noticed when you registered it was only venue and you were not able to select what brackets to enter everyone that pre-registers is automatically added to singles bracket(if you are not playing singles let us know) if you want to be pre-registered for doubles send a message to any t.o. with your smash gg name and your partners smash gg name and we will add your team

All bracket fees are to be paid in cash the day of the event

Food and Drink policy:

No outside food or drink allowed

There is a one time buffet style meal included with venue price Food will be served at 5:30, there will be an intermission from 5:30-5:50 to eat to make sure no one misses food, tournament will continue at 5:50

There will be a water station available all day

Any other food or drink is the responsibility of the player, be aware if you leave the venue to get food and your match is called you may be disqualified

How do i get a Free IFN?

Pre-registering and paying your venue for Immortal Tech(either in person or online) will grant you a coupon for a free entry to a IFN or equal value event run by Claim to Fame Entertainment

Remember venue can be paid in person at any Claim to Fame event

How do i get a venue discount for Carpooling?

If you drive a carpool with 3+ other people(not including you) your venue will be covered to get this discount pre-register with pay at door option then email: Owner@claimtofameentertainment.com with your name and the names of the 3+ other people in your car, once those other people have registered and paid either before or the day of the event we will waive your venue fee


If you pre-register and prepay your venue fee but something happens and you can no longer attend send a message to owner@claimtofameentertainment.com with the details and we will work with you

Note: due to PayPal and other fees if you prepay by credit card refund will be the amount minus the fees

Location and Parking:

This event is at Crossgates mall inside Lucky Strikes Jupiter hall

The best parking would be the parking lot near the bus stop/dave and busters the entrance there leads straight to Lucky strikes (if walking in the entrance doors you cant see lucky strikes right ahead of you then you picked the wrong lot)

Jupiter hall is in the back of lucky strikes to the left of modern round

  • April 28th, 2018
  • NY
  • Smash 4 Singles, Smash 4 Doubles
  • 125 Attendees


Liquid MVGSalem
    • 2
    • 19
EMG LGSBlacktwins13
              Fun China
                  125 attendees



                  1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203, USA


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